Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Quick....

Just a super quick check in this week to share what I've been working on.  This has been the week of quick knits.  I've already completed my first square for February in the Great American Aran Afghan knit-a-long.  The first square was the Ginette Belanger and here is my square - doesn't looked very blocked in this pic - but it is....

Then last night I was dreading casting on this little pink hat but I knew I had to get it done.  The only reason I was dreading it - was because this is a "knit" hat and these take a LOT longer than the little crochet hats I'm used to.  However, I whipped this baby up in only a few hours.  Must have been the bulky yarn choice.  I love how it turned out and I think the recipient (my GF's daughter) will love it too.  I just love how the little ears fold over - just perfectly!! :)

Sadly, my Dark and Stormy sweater didn't get ANY love this week so it is still sitting where I left off.  I have one more hat to knit (UGH) and then I'll pick that sweater up again. I have been seeing a few of the completed ones and it truely is beautiful. 

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was asked to join the team of testers for a particular designer.  Well this was the first hat I tested for her - the ZaZu Space Monster Hat.  I think it turned out quite cute although I will say that the Lion Brand Fun Fur I used was NOT cheap!! That stuff sells for $6.99 at Michaels and although I could use a coupon on one of the skeins - the thing took two!!! ACK!!! Still the finished product is super cute - Brayden says the eyes "freak him out"! LOL!!

That's about it for the knitting this week....just a couple quick things.  We are laying pretty low this weekend - a hockey game on Saturday but that's about it.  Wayne should be home at some point and I believe he will be off all next week.  Looking forward to having him home again...this long distance stuff is really getting OLD!!  Have a great week everyone!! Chat soon! :)