Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sooooo exciting!!!

Good morning all!! Well, I have some exciting news to share!!  I am now a bonifide "Test Knitter".  What does that mean??? Well, it means that artists have commissioned me to knit patterns that they have written and at some point will be wanting to sell to the masses.  I get the pattern for free and get to "test" knit it to ensure there aren't any mistakes!! How FUN!!!!  This also means deadlines, so I'll be working hard over the next couple of weeks to get these things done.  Right now I've only said yes to two patterns.  A pair of socks (big surprise) and a spring shawl.  :)  The shawl is a chart pattern....so kindof nervous/excited about that one!!   I'll share with y'all as soon as I can. 

On the work front, I was taken off full edits on ASR and it hasn't even been three weeks since I was trained on it.  This is INSANE!!!  Usually it takes a LOT longer than that to get pulled off full edits!!!  I guess I must be doing something right!! :)  Gotta love THAT!!!

Well, enjoy your day eveyone!! The last bits of snow are just leaving the yard now!! Bring on the GREEN!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does this guy look comfy or what??

This is my cat "Tweak" having a little snooze on my hottub this afternoon!! I just thought he looked so comfy out there!!! :)  Wish I could just have a nap like that when the urge hit! LOL!!!  On another note, boy..the snow has really retreated the past few days.  Now we just have a skiff in the yard and only a few piles like you see in the back of the picture.  Soon it will be ALL GONE!!! I can't wait!!!  BRING ON SPRING!!! :)

A new little project...

Well, I went to Kelowna yesterday and as I was in such a hurry to get out the door, I forgot my knitting! UGH!!  Ah well, I had time when I got to the big city...so I headed to the Art of Yarn.  I picked up some cute cute cute wool to make this:
Yes, I am aware that this will never fit Brayden....yes, I am aware that I don't have grandkids ...YET!! Still, when I saw the little sample knit up in the store, I just knew I had to grab the wool and make one for myself.  My colorway is a little different.  I am using this:

Isn't it just soooo sweet???? It knits up like a dream too!! :)  Anyway, not sure what I'll do with the finished project yet?? Perhaps I'll need to open another Etsy store just for my knitted stuff!! :)

Oh...and just a note.....the Japanese shawl that I posted about earlier has already surpassed the goal set by the creator...... that she was trying to attain by the end of April!!! She's already sent just over $2500 to the Red Cross!!  I think every man and their dog is going to have one of these shawls!! LOL!! :) GREAT news though - I love it when a "cause" is successful!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

A shawl for Japan.....

So many artists are coming together right now to help with the devastation in Japan.  Its really cool to see.  When I saw this pattern from Wendy, I knew I just had to have it...as I've been wanting to make a lace shawl for a while now.  She's donating the proceeds to Japan.  It's a GREAT cause and I get a GREAT pattern!!! Now to find the perfect yarn......stay tuned!!

(image courtesy of Wendy Johnson)
Oh...and if you are interested...you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or here

Also, I forgot to mention that my previous socks (the metro ones) were the winners on Ravelry for the month of March.  For that, I got to pick a pattern from Wendy's selection at The Loopy Ewe.  I picked the Two-Fer-Socks...can't wait to get these babies on the needles!! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challenge Number 5 - Under the Sink....

Can I just say Ewwww!!!  This was kinda gross if I do say so myself and I hadn't done it all that long ago.  Why is it that some stuff (read coffee grounds) just can't make it INTO the garbage can???  Anyway - here are my before shots:

(just LOVELY!!!)


And.....my after shot:

Now ...if I had time...I would paint this cupboard or at least line it with some cute paper or something, but for now - this is it.  At least it's done.  I sanitized it too.  Bleck!  Now for those of you environmentalists, yes, I have some pretty potent cleaners down here - but rest assured..they barely get used!! LOL!!!  :)  I have been doing a little thinking of getting into the Shaklee products - have any of you tried them??? Any comments???  Do they clean??  I would like to become a little more environmentally conscious.  Sadly, I'm really awful when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I try to recycle, but I admit, I'm a work in progress.  The curbside program that was just introduced into our neighborhood is helping though!! :) Anyway - this is what's been keeping me busy while Brayden is away!! I have a lot more to accomplish - wonder what Toni has instore for me next?!!!

Challenge Number 4 - The Linen Closet....

Okay....here goes....TOTAL MESS
To a lot less mess.....

Now THIS closet enabled me to pretty much fill UP my entire "to donation" bin.  Any particular reason I would be hanging onto "single bed" sheets when we don't even have a "single" bed in this house??? Hmmm???  I also got rid of a ton of ratty towels and a second heating pad.  Seriously...do we need two of those??? I can't even remember the last time we used the one we have!!!  The towels on the top shelf are the "swimming" towels and usually end up on the boat all summer between washings. On the very bottom shelf, which you can barely see in this picture, are all the fitted sheets.  I prefer to "roll" these so the shelf still looks pretty messy.  I read somewhere the other day and I quote, "Life is too short to fold fitted sheets" and I completely agree.  Therefore, they will reside on the bottom.  :)  I also have towels/face clothes in both of my bathrooms, so these really are just the extras.  I'll get to those areas when I do the bathrooms...but I can tell you right now - its time for the rattiness to GO!!! Also, by the look of my linen closet...I think its high time I purchased myself some new "cute" sheets! :)  Pretty humdrum in here if you ask me!! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Challenge Number 3 - The Tupperware Cupboard!!!

Well good morning everyone....today's challenge - The Tupperware Cupboard.  Man, we all know this one's a nightmare.  Check out this pic...

and it went from THAT....to this:

We don't have a lot of tupperware in this house - it's more like the plastic/coffee mug/water bottle cupboard.  All the lids are kept in the drawer above this cupboard - just easier to find that way.  A few things went to the donation bin (that bin is filling up) and some plastic went to the recycling bag.  Can't donate a bunch of plastic lids now can you???  Anyway - feels good to get this one crossed off the to-do list!!!  Are you inspired to clean anything yet???  Hopefully you will be soon!!! :)  Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Challenge Number 2 - The Computer Desk....!!

Uh oh!! This one was gross!!! This is where I sit for most of my day.  This is where the true CHAOS begins!!! UGH!!! I have stuff everywhere.  Actually, my picture isn't even that bad as just the other day, I took a big pile OFF my desk and piled it on to the hutch.  I'll get to that later...baby steps!!!

Anyway - here's my before....
And 15 minutes later (including dusting) is my after:

Now isn't that a LOT nicer??? How long can it stay this way??? I dunno...but it sure feels good to have a little "space".  Stay tuned....tomorrow is the tupperware cupboard!!! Oye VEY!!!!


Hello peeps!  Well, I might have to change the name of my blog as I am taking it in another direction.  Now along with all the crafty stuff, I'm throwing in a little organization too!! :)  A friend of mine introducted me to a fabulous blog that has a TON of interesting stuff in it.  It's called A Bowl Full Of Lemons and you can just click on the name and it will take you right to it.  Anyway, I found the author's 21 day challenge interesting and so I am going to attempt her challenges complete with pictures.  After all, it says 21 day challenge - it doesn't say the days have to be consecutive.  This might take me a year...but its worth a shot.  Goodness knows I could use a little more organization in my life!! :)  Okay - so here goes!!

DAY ONE - Organize your JUNK drawer.  (um, okay ...which one???)  For this task, I chose our main junk drawer but will also strive to declutter a few more around the house as we move along!! :)  Here is my picture of my drawer before:

And 15 minutes later....here's what it looked like AFTER:

Now it probably wouldn't have taken me that long - but YES...I tried every one of those pens to ensure they were ALL working.  That took the majority of the time.  I have now made this a bit of a stationery drawer with the clips, scissors, rubber bands, etc.  The blue things are notepads and there is a calculator and some mending thread in there too along with some batteries and a receipt book.  Our "phone" book is in here along with the menus to restaurants tucked underneath. :)  I chucked a ton of pens and some crap we NEVER use went into the "donation pile".  Who uses a water meter thingy to water plants anyway??? Seriously!!!!  Anyway - stay tuned...more to come.

PS - do you know what CHAOS stands for????  CAN'T HAVE ANYONE OVER SYNDROME....cuz your house looks like CRAP!!!  I definitely suffer from CHAOS!!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Savvy N Sassy March Reveal.....

Whew!!!  I never thought I was gonna get these done in time....but luckily for me, work was a little slow today so I could spend a few hours at the craft desk.  I am also entering these in some challenges at Outlaws this week.  Its been far too long since I played there!!! :)  I really love that site - a different challenge everyday.  I don't know how the girls keep coming up with them ...but they do.  Stop on by if you get a chance and play along.  In the meantime, pop on over to Rhea's...she's got all the new copics in...in all the new colors!!! FUN TIMES!!! I can't wait until mine arrive!!!  Thanks for stopping by!!