Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Challenge Number 2 - The Computer Desk....!!

Uh oh!! This one was gross!!! This is where I sit for most of my day.  This is where the true CHAOS begins!!! UGH!!! I have stuff everywhere.  Actually, my picture isn't even that bad as just the other day, I took a big pile OFF my desk and piled it on to the hutch.  I'll get to that later...baby steps!!!

Anyway - here's my before....
And 15 minutes later (including dusting) is my after:

Now isn't that a LOT nicer??? How long can it stay this way??? I dunno...but it sure feels good to have a little "space".  Stay tuned....tomorrow is the tupperware cupboard!!! Oye VEY!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Look at you GO !!!! Never mind the Tupperware cupboard , I want you to do you craft desk and get playing !!!! Just kidding , great job on the desk ( but really , the hutch ? tut , tut ! LOL )