Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Challenge Number 3 - The Tupperware Cupboard!!!

Well good morning's challenge - The Tupperware Cupboard.  Man, we all know this one's a nightmare.  Check out this pic...

and it went from this:

We don't have a lot of tupperware in this house - it's more like the plastic/coffee mug/water bottle cupboard.  All the lids are kept in the drawer above this cupboard - just easier to find that way.  A few things went to the donation bin (that bin is filling up) and some plastic went to the recycling bag.  Can't donate a bunch of plastic lids now can you???  Anyway - feels good to get this one crossed off the to-do list!!!  Are you inspired to clean anything yet???  Hopefully you will be soon!!! :)  Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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