Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sooooo exciting!!!

Good morning all!! Well, I have some exciting news to share!!  I am now a bonifide "Test Knitter".  What does that mean??? Well, it means that artists have commissioned me to knit patterns that they have written and at some point will be wanting to sell to the masses.  I get the pattern for free and get to "test" knit it to ensure there aren't any mistakes!! How FUN!!!!  This also means deadlines, so I'll be working hard over the next couple of weeks to get these things done.  Right now I've only said yes to two patterns.  A pair of socks (big surprise) and a spring shawl.  :)  The shawl is a chart pattern....so kindof nervous/excited about that one!!   I'll share with y'all as soon as I can. 

On the work front, I was taken off full edits on ASR and it hasn't even been three weeks since I was trained on it.  This is INSANE!!!  Usually it takes a LOT longer than that to get pulled off full edits!!!  I guess I must be doing something right!! :)  Gotta love THAT!!!

Well, enjoy your day eveyone!! The last bits of snow are just leaving the yard now!! Bring on the GREEN!!!


  1. Now I know why you said it was a GOOD morning yesterday !! AWESOME and Congratutions on all accounts !!! Bring on camping season .... have needles and wool , will travel ! LOL !!!!

  2. That is awesome Lisa! Congrats on all of your good news GF! We will have to have coffee soon!