Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello peeps!  Well, I might have to change the name of my blog as I am taking it in another direction.  Now along with all the crafty stuff, I'm throwing in a little organization too!! :)  A friend of mine introducted me to a fabulous blog that has a TON of interesting stuff in it.  It's called A Bowl Full Of Lemons and you can just click on the name and it will take you right to it.  Anyway, I found the author's 21 day challenge interesting and so I am going to attempt her challenges complete with pictures.  After all, it says 21 day challenge - it doesn't say the days have to be consecutive.  This might take me a year...but its worth a shot.  Goodness knows I could use a little more organization in my life!! :)  Okay - so here goes!!

DAY ONE - Organize your JUNK drawer.  (um, okay ...which one???)  For this task, I chose our main junk drawer but will also strive to declutter a few more around the house as we move along!! :)  Here is my picture of my drawer before:

And 15 minutes later....here's what it looked like AFTER:

Now it probably wouldn't have taken me that long - but YES...I tried every one of those pens to ensure they were ALL working.  That took the majority of the time.  I have now made this a bit of a stationery drawer with the clips, scissors, rubber bands, etc.  The blue things are notepads and there is a calculator and some mending thread in there too along with some batteries and a receipt book.  Our "phone" book is in here along with the menus to restaurants tucked underneath. :)  I chucked a ton of pens and some crap we NEVER use went into the "donation pile".  Who uses a water meter thingy to water plants anyway??? Seriously!!!!  Anyway - stay tuned...more to come.

PS - do you know what CHAOS stands for????  CAN'T HAVE ANYONE OVER SYNDROME....cuz your house looks like CRAP!!!  I definitely suffer from CHAOS!!! :)

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  1. Anybody that is coming to visit you never would notice the chaos as you are such a sweetie to visit !!! Seriously , if they are criticing your house then they aren't worth having over !!! your drawer looks fab though .... and I too have MORE then one of those too .... We just dug OUT one last weekend !!! amazing what one has in those dang things ! LOL !