Thursday, March 24, 2011

Does this guy look comfy or what??

This is my cat "Tweak" having a little snooze on my hottub this afternoon!! I just thought he looked so comfy out there!!! :)  Wish I could just have a nap like that when the urge hit! LOL!!!  On another note, boy..the snow has really retreated the past few days.  Now we just have a skiff in the yard and only a few piles like you see in the back of the picture.  Soon it will be ALL GONE!!! I can't wait!!!  BRING ON SPRING!!! :)


  1. He sure looks like he is taking it all in. He thinks it is summer already.

  2. Woo Hoo ! Can I come camp in your yard as it would be nice to see no snow !!!! Besides , TWEAK looks very comfortable in the sun sleeping .... reminds me of a lazy summer day ( don't I wish ! LOL )