Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Finished Objects For The Store.....

So I've been a little busy finishing up a couple projects for the store.  The first project finally off the needles is the Gemini Sweater.   I really loved this yarn in the skein but it didn't come out with as much texture as I thought it would.  The lace detail around the neck is super cute and it is plain in the back, which makes it reversible.....kind of a nice little feature to add some versatility.  I've included a picture of the lace detail to give you a close up. 

The next item I completed was a free pattern by the yarn distributors called the Linda by Katia yarns.  I REALLY enjoyed working with this yarn - the drape is fabulous.  I love the edge along the bottom - a super cool stitch and it really adds to the interest of the garment.  Again I've added a picture so you can see the detailing. 

I'm still working on a few more projects for the store.  I've completed the Noel shawlette but it has not been blocked yet.  I'll try and get a picture up in the next day or so.  I've also been busy with my other crafts but you'll have to wait a bit to see any progress on that.  I am heading to the Black Sheep Wool Gathering in Eugene Oregon next week and I am uber excited about that.  Apparently there are FOUR buildings with vendors in them and that just makes me GIDDY with excitement.  Sadly, we only have an $800 allowance to bring back over the border - so that will definitely stop me from going too overboard.  I've already ordered a stand for my Kromski Harp to be picked up down there.  I've been waiting over TWO YEARS for a local store to get it and finally I'd had enough.  I've had all of the items here to make my project - I've just been waiting for this stand.  Now I'll finally be able to put it all together and get going.  I hope the weaving bug doesn't bite me too hard as between the glass, clay and now some new beading ideas...I've definitely got more crafts than time!! (*Sigh)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014 F.O. (Finished Object)!!!!

Well, as mentioned in my last post, life has been kicking me in the butt lately - workwise.  I have been working long hours and this leads to little (or no) knitting!! :(  I have had this sweater languishing on the needles for FAR too long and so I finally just buckled down and finished it off.  It's a little cotton/linen number (details on my project page on Ravelry if you're interested) and I think it turned out rather lovely if I do say so myself. 

I'm hoping someone that can actually wear it will happen upon the store and they'll sell it to her eventually. :)  Regardless, I have another tank top ALMOST completed and then two more sweaters for the store to knit up.  Thankfully I have quit one of my jobs so soon I'll be back to my sporadic knitting between assignments - just the way I like it. :)  More knitting time makes me a LOT less cranky!! 

On another note - guess who got braces???   How do you like this pose???

Do those chicklets need some work - or WHAT!!!! He posted this pic to his Instagram so I don't feel too bad posting it here.  :)  He's a trouper and so far, so good.  Things have sure changed since I got my braces on - they aren't as "metally" as they used to be in the old days.  He's needed a bit of wax to get him through but nothing serious.  Seems to be handling them okay.  Didn't mind getting them a bit - apparently it's "cool" to have braces now!! Whatever!!! 

So what else has been going on??? Well, a couple weeks ago, I took a clay button making workshop in Vernon at the Art Center and I made these:

I will head back there this coming Saturday to paint them - hopefully their first firing has happened and we can get in there with some color.  Then they will need to be fired again....and then they'll be ready for use.  It was a very FUN class and I can't wait to see the final outcome. 

Then last weekend - my GF Anne and I travelled to Vernon for the Kalamalka Spinner's and Weavers annual Spin-In.  It was a fabulous day - great turn out - with some awesome Vendors.  I managed to pick up a skein of some wonderful Alpaca yarn from an Oliver farm and here is a shot of the ladies spinning to their hearts content.  Always a fun day:

Brayden and I also spent part of Spring Break up at Sun Peaks.  Sadly the weather had warmed up and so the Ice Rink and Tube Town were not in operation but we still had fun swimming in the outdoor pool and I did get him into a snowboard lesson.  Here he is - ready to go:

Isn't he just the cutest!! :)   Sadly, we went during the week - so I had to work - but we did have a great time together and I look forward to doing it again next year - perhaps a little earlier in the season. :)

As well, during spring break - I also put Brayden into Soccer Camp - they had European teachers over to teach the course and it was a good pre-requisite to the upcoming season.  Brayden said he really enjoyed the session (2 hours a day - Monday to Friday) and is now looking forward to the season ahead, which I believe will start next weekend! (Didn't we just finish hockey!!UGH!)

Not the best picture - but it was FREEZING in that arena - I didn't stick around for too long! :)

Anyway - that's about it for my update...I think you're all caught up now.  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to take the time to create some magic! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Well, it's been a bit of a whirlwind since I last posted.  Work is kicking my butt!  As soon as the snow starts to go - people want to list their houses and that makes for a busy ME!!! :)  I have been working non-stop between 10-14 hours a day.  CRAZY BUSY!! Sadly, that means no knitting!! :(  I have three projects on the go that have been taking a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish and I just got the yarn for 2 more - so I need to get going!! 

I did manage to sneak out a couple weeks ago and have some fun on the farm with my friend Anne and her lovely flock of sheep.  The sheerer came out and although it was about -10 that morning - the barn was pretty warm.  Here are a few shots of the day:


It was great fun and Anne tells me that she is a grandma to twins born yesterday morning.  The first of a long lambing season to come.  GREAT FUN!!

Then - on March 1st - a few friends and I travelled to Kamloops where we took in their annual Bash Your Stash - Spin In.  It was another day of fun - I brought both my wheels as my Kromski needed some attention.  There was a fellow there offering to oil and clean our wheels for $10 so I took full advantage of that.  I had him look at the bearing on my wheel as I thought that was shot - but it turned out that it was just a set of washers that had mistakenly been reversed when I had my drive band replaced! WHEW!!!  She's as good as new now and all ready to go.  :)   Alas, in my move, I had taken apart my Ladybug and so when I got to the spin-in, I realized that I'd left some key parts at home.  As I hadn't planned on spinning on the Kromski, I hadn't brought any bobbins with me - so there I was - at a spin-in with two wheels and neither of them functionable! LOL!! Story of my life!!! As luck would have it - I did pack my knitting - so that day was not lost.  I managed to get a few rows done on the edging of my Angelus.  WIN!!!  Here are a couple pics of the ladies:


You can see the vendors in the back of this picture - if you recall - last year I vended here and the ladies were so lovely to tell me they missed my yarns and were sad to hear that I'd folded up shop.  I don't really miss it though and there are soo many other wonderful people in the industry now - it's no longer a niche that needed filling.  Hoping to MAYBE get to Fibres West next weekend in Cloverdale - it will depend on the work - and the weather of course!! :)

So March 8/9/10 weekend was Hockey Hockey Hockey - we took a trip to Osoyoos and stayed at the Best Western Plus while there.  The boys played REALLY well all weekend and came second in the tournament.  Not bad for a bunch of kids that lost practically EVERY game this season.  We also came first in the playoffs in the bottom 6 of our division.  It was a nail biter against the other Salmon Arm team in the final but we managed to pull off a 3-2 win.  EXCITING stuff - now onto soccer.

I have enrolled Brayden in Soccer Camp starting tomorrow over spring break.  It's only 2 hours a day and I think it will give him a boost to his season, which starts in April.  Looking forward to some warmer weather on the sidelines (read - uninterrupted KNITTING TIME!!)

Well, I think that's about it for now....I'll have more pictures and info to post soon but this post has gone on long enough.  I hope whatever you're doing - you'll find a little time to get creative!! It's good for the soul!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One of the Dad's on our team caught these great shots of my boy in action in a game against the other Salmon Arm team a few weeks ago.  Only a few playoff games left and one more tournament and it will be all over for another season.  Bring on soccer!! :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ravellenics.....and time for some new posts!! :)

Hiatus OVER!! Time for some new posts! :)  I visit my blog almost daily to click on the links to the right - and I'm seriously getting sick of seeing the same old post.  As I'm not updating on FB as much anymore - I've decided to try and post to the blog a little more and update here again with life's little adventures.   These past couple of weeks - I've been knitting along with the Olympics in Sochi!  My GF asked me if I could knit her a hat for her daughter that she'd seen in some random skating rink. She texted me a picture of the hat and asked that I knit it in pink!! :)  LOL!! I've never actually written my own pattern but after searching the archives of Ravelry, there wasn't even anything close. Kindof bizarre when you realize how simple this hat is!!  Anyway - I did up my own version and the result was this:

Mom says it is perfect and exactly what they wanted.  It is made from 100% Alpaca (yes, I apologized for the hand washing requirement) but it was soooo super soft and the yarn was just amazing to work with. Easy peasy.  So once that was completed, I said YES to another test knit - only because I thought this shawl was soooo pretty and I just couldn't resist.  It is called the Bluebell Meadow shawl and will be released shortly.  I did run out of yarn - there's supposed to be 5 repeats with a picot edge but the designer was WAY off on her yardage - so that wasn't really my fault and I wasn't going to purchase another skein of this yarn.  It was big enough with two skeins (52" in width and 15" deep) and for the most part - I figured the pattern was correct so no need to really do another repeat. 

Yes, that itty bitty little bundle is all I had left!! Crazy close!  Anyway - it is lovely and will go on display at the local yarn store for a few months! :)  I have two projects on the needles for them right now - which have taken FAR too long for me to complete - so those will be my focus this week. They are both of course they do take a little longer.  Still, they should have been done long before now.  I'm also itching to cast on a few other goodies - but they will have to wait.  MUST GET THE STORE KNITTING DONE FIRST! :(  Stay tuned!!  Not much else on the go - other than working and trying to rid myself of this damn cold.  I've been sick for just over a week.  I can't wait for spring to come.  Enough of the snow and cold temps!! That said - I did just book a three day vacation for B and I up at Sun Peaks.  The Olympics have inspired him to want to try snowboarding and truth be told - I could use a couple of days up at the ski hill.  I want to try some new shaped skis and give those a whirl.  Hopefully work won't be too busy...and hoping there will still be some snow by the time we get there.  We don't go until the end of March - so keep your fingers crossed!!