Sunday, February 27, 2011


....and a whole day ahead of schedule!!! :)
Wendy Johnson's "Riding On The Metro" socks from the toe up!!  I enjoyed these ones....can't wait for March's selection and I'm vowing to start a little earlier in the month this time!!! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Outlaws - Monday Birthday Challenge!

Good morning everyone....well, with the holiday yesterday, work was slow this morning so I found some time to play!! The Monday Birthday challenge at Outlaws this week was to create a birthday card with a WINTER theme.  :)  Here's my take on the challenge:

So I guess now it's back to work for me...!  Have a great day everyone!! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yep, more socks....Riding on the Metro Socks - Wendy Johnson

Here's what I'm working on this month.  Same yarn as last month but the pattern is different.  Lots more lace on this one.  Here's my progress picture - with the goal to be finished by the end of the month!! :)  Wish me luck!! :)

Wishing you.....would join me in a copic challenge!!

So I decided to post a challenge for everyone over at the Savvy N' Sassy site but I thought I'd share it here too in case you wanted to play along.  Here is my create a watercolor-like background.  This was my first attempt at this techique.  It was quick and FUN!!!  Suzanne has created an amazing tutorial video if you are interested in having a peek - she is sooo talented and makes this look easy!!

Here's my take on the challenge and a closer look at the details.  Give it a whirl and then come and join us over at SNS and post your creation!! 
Have a great day - Happy Family Day if you live in the "rest" of Canada and Happy President's Day if you're visiting from the States!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A week of partying...all in one day!!!

Well, as mentioned a few posts below....there's a party going on at Outlaws this week!!!  Lots of great prizes and good stuff happening!!! Make sure you come over and check it out.  The challenges were the regular weekly challenges ...but this week, there's a WESTERN element to most of them!!!  Hence the reason for the following:

Okay - so Sunday's challenge is always a CAS (Clean and Simple) challenge.  This week there was a photo challenge as well for inspiration.  I am too late getting this one in as I just realized it ended a couple hours ago - but oh well....I'll submit it anyway even though I won't was still fun anyway!!  Here is my entry:
Monday's challenge was a birthday card with a western theme.  Here's my take on this one:

Tuesday was a color challenge - with a western theme of course.  The colors chosen could be found in a standard red bandana. 

I pulled from that ....and got this:

Wednesday's challenge was the usual sketch challenge - but this week you needed to have a western theme!!  Here's the sketch and my take on it:
Thursday's challenge was the usual - NO COPICS - you have to use another medium to color your image.  Well, I decided to break out my watercolor pencils that I bought EONS ago from Stampin Up!   I've actually NEVER used them and I've had them for the better part of three years!! UGH!!! I used them with my blender pens (also Stampin' Up!) and I have to tell you - I have had these suckers for at least three years too and have never cracked open the package.  I thought they would be all dried up and useless...but they worked perfectly!!! That was impressive.  Anyway - here's my little card - which is my first attempt with the watercolor pencils.  I didn't mind them...but they certainly aren't my copics!! :)

The Friday challenge today threw me for a loop!!! It was our regular COPIC challenge...but you had to use the theme HOEDOWN!!! |WTH????  I don't have any hoedown stamps....and I couldn't find anything on the web (if you can believe that one) I came up with this.  Hope they think its okay.   I did some paper piecing on this little fellow ...but I did use copics for the face and his hair.  Isn't he cute??!!! 

Well, that's about it for today.....thanks for stopping by!! You'll still have all week to get in on the challenges and prizes c'mon over and have some fun!!!  See you soon!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award???

Well, not sure about that ...but my good friend Tanya....awarded me with this little guy!!! To play along, I have to list eight blogs that I love and tell you eight things that you may or may not know about me.  Okay...I'll play!!

Okay - EIGHT blogs that I love:

1.  Yarn Harlot - this is a knitting blog - but Stephanie is OH SO funny!!!  Tons of great stuff here...and tons of enabling - hang onto your wallet. 
2.  Posy Gets Cozy - how can you not fall in love with Alicia (and Andy for that matter)!!! This blog makes me want to move to the Portland absolutely beautiful there.  
3.  Scrap Bitz - this gal knows how to color with amazing!
4.  All The Things I Love - Card maker extrodinaire!!! 
5.  Such A Pretty Mess - Simply AMAZING AMAZING layouts.  I could literally stare at them for hours.  The soundtrack is pretty good too!!  Make sure your speakers are on!
6.  Escape from Obesity - okay - this is a weightloss blog - but it is FABULOUS - this gal digs deep!!!
7.  Crafting The Web - what this girl does with Memento inks and a background is simply amazing.  Fabulous coloring tutorials here too!!
8.  A Little Creating - My GF Donna's blog - always fun...this girl rocks the copics and the Magnolias.  The details on her cards are fabulous - always some funky eye candy!!!

Well, there you have my favorite onto the eight things you may or may not know about me.....

1.  I will never have enough time to do all the crafty things I love to do.
2.  I am allergic to nuts, peanuts especially...but all nuts.
3.  I love all kinds of music ...from AC/DC (favorite) to IL Divo (*swoon). 
4.  I love comedies - the sillier the better.  Christmas Vacation and Dumb & Dumber are right up my alley.
5.  I loathe exercise. 
6.  I have a huge crush on John Corbett!! Sooooo HOT!!!...and yes, I am just starting to watch Parenthood for him alone!!
7.  I am a huge sports fan.  CFL first and foremost...but hockey ranks right up there.  Favorite team - The Bulldogs (my son's Novice team) :)
8.  I am in awe of all of my GREAT friends, who put up with me even though they are much better friends than I am...and forgive me for forgetting birthdays and anniversaries and are happy with me because I'm sooooo low maintenance!!  They truly are the BEST!!

So there you have it - hopefully there was at least ONE thing on that list that you did not KNOW!! :) Donna - for you - I'm gonna go with #6 ...cuz I don't think I've told ANYONE that before!! LOL!! :)

Thanks for the award Tanya - happy creating!! :)

Savvy N' Sassy - February Reveal

Guess I'm a day late and a dollar short, this was actually revealed yesterday - but better late than never I always say.  Here are my cards for this month's copic reveal over at Savvy N' Sassy!! I also want to congratulate Rhea on the opening of a store front.  Her grand opening is February 26th, so if you happen to be in the Red Deer area...stop on in!!! :)  WTG Rhea!!
I picked up these cute digi images from By LORi Designs.  Check out all the fun images and watch the blog for fun contests and challenges.  My GF Peggy just made the DT too - so watch for some fun stuff from her!! :)  Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again soon!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Party At Outlaws......

C'mon over to Outlaws for a Western Themed party starting on the 13th.  I just love Outlaws...different challenges everyday!!!  Sooooo fun!!!  Not sure what they have in store for us on the 13th but there are come check it out!! :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Papertake Weekly - Anything goes and flowers....

This weeks challenge over at Papertake Weekly was "Anything Goes" and they asked us to throw in some flowers.  Okay - I can do that.  How about these flowers...and my flowery paper!!! :) 

Thanks for stopping by - hope to have a few more goodies to share during the week! :)

Outlaws - Clean and Simple - Sunday Challenge

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this!! Todays challenge at Outlaws was a CAS card using brown, cream and pink.  This one took about five minutes!! LOL!!! Here are the guidelines for a clean and simple card if you were ever wondering what the basic qualifications were (from the Outlaws Challenge Board):

CAS- It directly stands for Clean and Simple. Simply put, no fru fru nor layers on layers...this is not about how much you can pile it on, but how much of an impact you can make with a clear cut, thought out design. Space, focal point, production....these are all major points to take into consideration while creating a CAS designed card or project.

SPACE- Open, un-embellished or touched space. (This does NOT mean just WHITE or NEUTRAL color either; open space is simply that - OPEN.) This can be the key to any CAS design. Leaving this open space creates a focal point.

FOCAL POINT- Think of a focal point for your card. Is it one embellishment or a grouping? Is it the sentiment? Is it a stamped image? One way to keep a card's design clean and simple is creating this focal point and not putting to much stuff on the project to distract from it. THIS will keep your card on the CAS path! And bring you to mass production.

MASS PRODUCTION- How easily can you create the same card over and over? If the DESIGN is focused and easily copied, you can create the same card quickly and multiple times even if you use different papers or embellishments. If the focus of the design is CAS, you can easily reproduce the card. ..

And without further's my card!!  If you get a chance - c'mon over and play - there's a new challenge EVERYDAY!! And not just cards...scrapbooking too!!! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Outlaws - Friday Copic Challenge

Hello again!! Well, today's copic challenge at Outlaws was to use your favorite technique.  I have to say that my favorite technique is feather blending ...BUT ...with two very different colors.  Here you can see that I used two shades on Tilda's little dress.  I love this technique...I don't do it near often enough.  Anyway, it was fun to play with this new Magnolia stamp!! They truely are my favorites!!!  Thanks for stopping by...I hope to have more for you over the weekend although we have a hockey tournament and I'll have to fit some work in there somewhere!! Still, I hope to find some time at the craft table!! :)  Thanks for stopping by!

Outlaws - Thursday Media Challenge

Good afternoon everyone!! This week's Thursday challenge over at Outlaws was to use swirls or flourishes on your card.   Also, with the Thursday challenges - you have to use any other medium other than your copic markers so once again, I've used my distress inks!  I love painting with distress inks!  Soooo fun.
Well thanks for stopping by...I'll be working on my Friday Copic Challenge next.  Always a new challenge every day at Outlaws!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outlaws - Wednesday Sketch Challenge/ABC Challenges

Here's the sketch from Outlaws Wednesday Sketch Challenge this week....and my take on it.  I'm really enjoying the challenges at Outlaws....something different every day!! :) 
I am also entering this card over at ABC Challenges.  The letter of the week is "N" and that stands for nesties.  We had to use our nesties on the cards and I felt this one fit the bill.  Have a great day - thanks for stopping by!! :)