Sunday, February 6, 2011

Outlaws - Clean and Simple - Sunday Challenge

Well, it doesn't get much simpler than this!! Todays challenge at Outlaws was a CAS card using brown, cream and pink.  This one took about five minutes!! LOL!!! Here are the guidelines for a clean and simple card if you were ever wondering what the basic qualifications were (from the Outlaws Challenge Board):

CAS- It directly stands for Clean and Simple. Simply put, no fru fru nor layers on layers...this is not about how much you can pile it on, but how much of an impact you can make with a clear cut, thought out design. Space, focal point, production....these are all major points to take into consideration while creating a CAS designed card or project.

SPACE- Open, un-embellished or touched space. (This does NOT mean just WHITE or NEUTRAL color either; open space is simply that - OPEN.) This can be the key to any CAS design. Leaving this open space creates a focal point.

FOCAL POINT- Think of a focal point for your card. Is it one embellishment or a grouping? Is it the sentiment? Is it a stamped image? One way to keep a card's design clean and simple is creating this focal point and not putting to much stuff on the project to distract from it. THIS will keep your card on the CAS path! And bring you to mass production.

MASS PRODUCTION- How easily can you create the same card over and over? If the DESIGN is focused and easily copied, you can create the same card quickly and multiple times even if you use different papers or embellishments. If the focus of the design is CAS, you can easily reproduce the card. ..

And without further's my card!!  If you get a chance - c'mon over and play - there's a new challenge EVERYDAY!! And not just cards...scrapbooking too!!! :)


  1. Cute card,makes me wonder why I fuss so much sometimes.

  2. CAS cards are the hardest for me to make ... I like bling and ribbons but your CAS card makes me want to change my ways ....... welll briefly ! Great card Lisa !