Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Gina K....

...Botanicals card.  This one was fashioned after the card kit that came along with my stamp set for free.  I am not real big on this card, but the bus driver won't care!! He'll probably just be happy that someone thought about him!! I don't think bus drivers ever get the recognition they deserve.  Have you ever ridden a bus with a bunch of elementary school kids???   I'd go completely insane!!!  Anyway - I'm throwing a couple of scratch tickets in this one and calling it DONE!! :)  Thanks again for stopping by!!

Mojo Monday.....

Here's my take on this week's challenge over at Mojo Monday!! This card is going to Brayden's teacher.  Of course there's a little timmies gift card (and a couple of scratch tickets) in there!! Teachers must get a bizmillion of these at year end.  If you ask me...its the perfect gift!! I love getting Timmies cards and lottery tickets!! :)'s the sketch!
...and here's my take on it.  I didn't put the little brackety thing in there - it just didn't suit the card.  I sure hope that's okay! :)

Anyway...there you have it - thanks for stopping by! :)


I'm in LOVE with Gina K!! Yes, it's true....I've just discovered her and I am LOVING what she's throwing out there.  I totally cased these cards from her Stamp TV videos and off one of her DT members Theresa Momber (who is uber talented I might add).  Anyway - here's a couple of  things I worked on this afternoon.  Still have a few items to put together before school lets out next week!! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Converting SU stamps.....

As some of you know, I have been destashing and getting rid of a LOT of my stamp sets.  I was overwhelmed by the many sets I had and didn't even know what what buried in my drawers, rubbermaid containers and (lets face it) every nook and crany all over the house.  I have been toying with the idea of taking all my SU stamps OFF the blocks and storing them in CD cases but the task just was too overwhelming so I thought I'd sell some sets and make the workload a little easier!! LOL!!! I have now listed some of the sets in my Etsy store (link to the right) or you can find me on Facebook if you are interested. 

Now comes the daunting task of converting the sets I kept over to CD storage!! :)  Here is an AWESOME video I came upon today showing how to unmount your sets and what to do with them.  I can't wait to get started now cuz this gal makes it look sooooo easy!!!   Anyone want some blocks????

Unmounting Rubber Stamps

Enjoy the video - hopefully the "focus" issues don't drive you as nuts as they did me.  Still, its a great video so have fun watching!! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Magnolia - Week 60 - In The Garden

WOW....what a week at Just Magnolia!! Did you SEE the yummy stuff they're giving away this week!!! Wowsers!! What I'd do to win that!!! LOL!!!   The prize pack is from Wild Orchid Crafts and it is unbelievable!!!!!!  Check it out:

Is that scrumptious or what?!! So the challenge this week was to have a garden theme to your challenge.  I figured Tilda picking some lovely fresh peaches was pretty close.  :)  Here's my card for the challenge and a picture of the copics I used to color it:

I also used this card for the Drunken Stampers challenge this week.  The challenge there was to "color" your card and use bling.  Well I definitely have "colored" my card.  I used my spica glitter pen to add some bling - although its really hard to tell in the I also put three little rhinestones on the sentiment to ensure there'd be no doubt.  :)  Thanks for stopping by and having a peek at my card.  Have a great week everyone!  Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there (although I'm pretty sure the male following on my blog is minimal!! LOL!! )  Hope to see you again soon!! ....Lisa :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Could I BE anymore FLATTERED???!

Here's a message I got in my inbox this evening!!! Stuff like this makes my day!! :)

I'm totally in love with your soccer cards. Any chance you are for hire as I would love to buy a colored stamped image from you to make a similar thank you card for my son's soccer coach? If you are interested, let me know how much and where to send the funds.

Of course I replied that I would be happy just to color an image for this gal and send it out to her.   Pffffft...I couldn't charge for just an image!!  Just knowing that someone likes the way I color is payment enough!! This note goes directly into the "Stuff that makes me HAPPY file!"  Tee hee!! :)

Just Magnolia - Week 59 - Mina's Sketch.

Here's Mina's Sketch:

....and here's my take on it!! I just love working with sketches!! Soooo fun! :)  For this particular card I moved the three embellishments to the right as I just couldn't bear to cover up the beautiful lace! :  I think it still works though!!  I colored the background wall with distress inks and then colored Tilda with my copics.  I just love how it turned out.  :)  Thanks for stopping by!! ...Lisa :)

Tuesdays Papertake Weekly Challenge!!

Today's challenge over at Papertake Weekly was to base your card on your favorite ice cream colors!! Well, my absolute favorite is Tiger Tiger!! I didn't really want to use black - so how about grey and orange!  Mmmmmm...I could go some Tiger Tiger right now!! YUM!! :) 

Drunken Stampers Challenge of the Week!!

Ack!! It's been so long since I played with these guys....I had to get back in the mix before Peggy and Spike disowned me!! :)  The challenge this week was a simple one - make a Father's Day card!!  No problem!! :)  Just hope my Dad doesn't venture over to my crafty blog this week! LOL!! :)  I chose to do a crimped envelope card as I just love the way these look!  I will put a little gift card in mine as they do make a perfect pocket card too!! Here is a tutorial if you are interested in making one for yourself:

Crimped Envelope Card

...and here's my take on the challenge! 

Sunday Sketch and Stamp!

Here's the sketch from this week over at Sunday Sketch and Stamp....and my take on it!

I don't do many cards with image backgrounds, so this was a fun one!! I love how it turned out.  I actually used my spica glitter pen on her shirt and boots, so she's much more sparkly in real life - I wish the "blingy" stuff showed up better in the picture!! :(  Anyway, this was a fun challenge and I just loved the sketch this week! :)

Friday Sketchers!

Here's this week's sketch for Friday's Sketchers and my take on it.  Brayden has two soccer coaches this year, so hence the reason I made two cards!! They are both a couple of high school kids and have really done well with the boys!! Our team, the LAVA MONSTERS, is undefeated....and with one game left next Saturday, I think its safe to say we've dominated this year!!!   The coaches have been a HUGE part of that - so I just wanted to let them know how much we appreciate them! :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuff For Sale....!! LOTS of it!!

Yep, that's right - I'm de-stashing!!!   I have a big sale right now on Facebook - so if you're on Facebook and you are NOT my friend (why not??) then add me (Lisa Imthorn)....and if you don't have a FB account let me know by posting a comment here and I will shoot you some links so that you can join the fun too! :)  Lots of stuff is moving FAST don't miss out!! I have listed all kinds of stamps/inks/embellishments, etc.  The stuff is flying out the door as I have listed it cheap!! I just want it GONE!! :)

Thanks for stopping by.....check back soon - once my desk is clear...I hope to start crafting again! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday's Sunday Sketch & Stamp

Good afternoon peeps!  Here is my take on this week's challenge at Sunday Sketch & Stamp.  You had to follow this sketch designed by the talented Sem:

And here is my take on it.  A pretty simple card but that's all I'm feeling up to lately! :) 

I am also going to use this card for the challenge at Papertake Weekly this week.  You just had to incorporate some sort of summer theme into your card.  My interpretation was the rose in Tilda's hand that reminds me of my roses, which are in full bloom right now.  Also the green background, which reminds me of how GREEN everything is around here with all this rain.  It's time for Mr. Sunshine to make an appearance before we all forget what he looks like!!!  Thanks for stopping by...hoping to color with some distress inks tonight! :)  More posts soon! :)

Bow Tying Made Easy....

Well, I finally broke down and purchased the Bow Easy.....I'm glad I have it and it works really well, but here's a couple of other tutorials on how to tie those dreaded bows!!! UGH!!! 

1.  Simple Knot.
2.  Single Tied Bow.
3.  Double Tied Bow.

Hope you find these helpful for tying those pesky bows!! :)  Can't wait to see your creations!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coloring with distress inks - Tutorials!! :)

Here's how it's done peeps!! Grab some coffee and check out these awesome tutorials!!

1.  Distress Tutorial by Aija - StampArtic!
2.  Distress Tutorial by Camilla!
3.  Distress Tutorial by Lillemor!
4.  Distress Tutorial by Malin!
5.  Distress Tutorial by Anita!

...some tips by Michelle....

1.  If you can get the hotpressed watercolor paper it is much smoother.
2.  Go very light with the inks, it's about layering.
3.  Don't oversaturate the paper, have a light touch with the water.  If not you could get some pilling of the paper.Water works like a blender with the colors.
4.  Work fast once the paper absorbs the ink and dries it becomes hard to blend.
5.  Test out your color on scrap paper before using it.
6.  I use Versafine ink and heat set it before I start painting. I'm no expert but this is what I have learned, the hard way!!!
7.  Oh and have fun =)'s an idea for the perfect Distress Ink Palette by Becca Feeken!

If you'd like to have a copy of the Distress Ink Grid - here you go:

Tim Holtz Distress Ink Color Chart Grid

Hope you can find some helpful stuff with these tutorials....I'm sure there's lots more out there - but I thought these ones were awesome!!  I really enjoy "painting" with the distress inks.  I'll never give up my copics of course - but this is just another fun way to work with the wonderful images at our disposal!!

Thanks for stopping by!! :)