Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Could I BE anymore FLATTERED???!

Here's a message I got in my inbox this evening!!! Stuff like this makes my day!! :)

I'm totally in love with your soccer cards. Any chance you are for hire as I would love to buy a colored stamped image from you to make a similar thank you card for my son's soccer coach? If you are interested, let me know how much and where to send the funds.

Of course I replied that I would be happy just to color an image for this gal and send it out to her.   Pffffft...I couldn't charge for just an image!!  Just knowing that someone likes the way I color is payment enough!! This note goes directly into the "Stuff that makes me HAPPY file!"  Tee hee!! :)


  1. That's awesome! Sometimes it's the little things eh?

  2. Very cool Lisa and you never know where this could lead you now !!!! I am happy that you have such a bulging happy file as it means you are so awesome !

  3. Love the colored images Lisa! Thank you!