Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Gina K....

...Botanicals card.  This one was fashioned after the card kit that came along with my stamp set for free.  I am not real big on this card, but the bus driver won't care!! He'll probably just be happy that someone thought about him!! I don't think bus drivers ever get the recognition they deserve.  Have you ever ridden a bus with a bunch of elementary school kids???   I'd go completely insane!!!  Anyway - I'm throwing a couple of scratch tickets in this one and calling it DONE!! :)  Thanks again for stopping by!!


  1. Great card Lisa! I'm sure your driver will like it! I can not imagine driving one of these buses everyday, I would end up licking the windows! LOL

  2. The bus driver is the one talking to him ( her ) self standing at the side of the road the last day of school waiting for them to take him away in awhite jacket ........ Just kidding ! I think they are all deaf and have the patience of a saint ! Personally , I would tie the little darlings in their seats and gag them all .... with duct tape ! Woo hoo on you thinking about him ! The card is great Lisa !