Wednesday, February 26, 2014


One of the Dad's on our team caught these great shots of my boy in action in a game against the other Salmon Arm team a few weeks ago.  Only a few playoff games left and one more tournament and it will be all over for another season.  Bring on soccer!! :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Ravellenics.....and time for some new posts!! :)

Hiatus OVER!! Time for some new posts! :)  I visit my blog almost daily to click on the links to the right - and I'm seriously getting sick of seeing the same old post.  As I'm not updating on FB as much anymore - I've decided to try and post to the blog a little more and update here again with life's little adventures.   These past couple of weeks - I've been knitting along with the Olympics in Sochi!  My GF asked me if I could knit her a hat for her daughter that she'd seen in some random skating rink. She texted me a picture of the hat and asked that I knit it in pink!! :)  LOL!! I've never actually written my own pattern but after searching the archives of Ravelry, there wasn't even anything close. Kindof bizarre when you realize how simple this hat is!!  Anyway - I did up my own version and the result was this:

Mom says it is perfect and exactly what they wanted.  It is made from 100% Alpaca (yes, I apologized for the hand washing requirement) but it was soooo super soft and the yarn was just amazing to work with. Easy peasy.  So once that was completed, I said YES to another test knit - only because I thought this shawl was soooo pretty and I just couldn't resist.  It is called the Bluebell Meadow shawl and will be released shortly.  I did run out of yarn - there's supposed to be 5 repeats with a picot edge but the designer was WAY off on her yardage - so that wasn't really my fault and I wasn't going to purchase another skein of this yarn.  It was big enough with two skeins (52" in width and 15" deep) and for the most part - I figured the pattern was correct so no need to really do another repeat. 

Yes, that itty bitty little bundle is all I had left!! Crazy close!  Anyway - it is lovely and will go on display at the local yarn store for a few months! :)  I have two projects on the needles for them right now - which have taken FAR too long for me to complete - so those will be my focus this week. They are both of course they do take a little longer.  Still, they should have been done long before now.  I'm also itching to cast on a few other goodies - but they will have to wait.  MUST GET THE STORE KNITTING DONE FIRST! :(  Stay tuned!!  Not much else on the go - other than working and trying to rid myself of this damn cold.  I've been sick for just over a week.  I can't wait for spring to come.  Enough of the snow and cold temps!! That said - I did just book a three day vacation for B and I up at Sun Peaks.  The Olympics have inspired him to want to try snowboarding and truth be told - I could use a couple of days up at the ski hill.  I want to try some new shaped skis and give those a whirl.  Hopefully work won't be too busy...and hoping there will still be some snow by the time we get there.  We don't go until the end of March - so keep your fingers crossed!!