Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brioche Cowl......

Here is another test knit I completed for the same gal as the first cowl of the year.  This one used a brioche stitch and I'd never done that one before.  I quite enjoyed it.  Will definitely make another. :)  Unfortunately, my socks weren't so lucky.  Finished the first one and then started the second one but didn't get very far before THIS happened:

Yes, that would be the plastic coming off my cable.  WTH???? happened on BOTH of my circs at the same time.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  So I futzed with it for a bit - and then finally ripped the socks off the needles and threw them away.  Those ragged edges just wreak havoc on your yarn and patience!!  So here's as far as I got:
It was already a chore to cast on for the 2nd sock as I didn't really enjoy knitting the first one - and as the cuff was just a tad too long anyway (I've realized I like a shorter cuff) - I decided just to send these to the frog pond and use the yarn for something else.  Sadly though - ripping out lace is harder than it looks and I ended up with a freakin' MESS!!  Everything into the incinerator!! now I have one ball left and who knows what that will end up becoming.  UGH!!!  May have to see if the yarn store in Vernon has I love the yarn and would like to make another pair of socks with it.  We'll see.  Anyway - on to February....and some NEW projects on the needles!! YAY!!!!