Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Day....

This is what a day in the dye pots looks like!! First you have to dye the fiber...then you have to wait for it to dry.  Now normally, this would all be drying outside...but alas, the wind picked up this afternoon and so I had to switch to Plan B!  Tomorrow night I will be at the I.P.E. in Armstrong from 3:30 until 10pm and will be bringing along some fibery goodness to hopefully sell throughout the weekend!! If you're at the fair come see the Shuswap Spinners and Weavers at in the Horticulture building.  I have a few other pieces ready to go and I just hope this batch dries in time! :)  I have all my ball bands printed and just need to spend a few hours tagging everything! :)  FUN TIMES!!! :) 

Camping FUN!!!

Do these kids look like they're having fun or WHAT???? Grandma and Grandpa were brave enough to take the grandkids camping for the weekend!! They had a riot!! They made t-shirts and smores and just had a great time playing games and acting out plays, etc. They want to go to drama camp next year apparently!! Fun times!!


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa...can't wait to do it again next year.  I hear the kids have already picked out spot #39!!! Whooot!!

Magnolia Watercolor Class.....

Here's the class I taught tonight........watercoloring using distress inks.  I had 7 ladies (2 had to cancel due to health issues and one lady forgot about the class) so it was a smaller class but we all had a great time.  They sure seemed to enjoy the technique anyway!! :)

Now I just have to work on a schedule for September!! Is it THAT time already??! Whew!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!

Tried to call you twice Bro.....twasn't meant to be...hope you had a good day anyway!!!

L :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stampscapes Class....

As I had no pics in my last couple of posts......I thought I would share the Stampscapes cards from a class I taught on the 20th.  I had a full house and Tara sold over $1000.00 in Stampscapes products as a result of the class.  I'd say the participants liked it!! LOL!! :)

Is it September yet???

Okay...almost!! Just wanted to get in a blog post before ALL of August was GONE!!! We have been hair straight back in the Costa household.  Tons of stuff going on.  Brayden has been enjoying Golf School in Kelowna with Grandpa and Grandma and then a week of Hockey School here in Salmon Arm where we parked the motorhome over at Herald Park and commuted to town every day.  This weekend he is off with Grandma, Grandpa and cousin Makena over to Scotch Creek where they are camping in our motorhome.  Wayne and I rode out on the Harley to see them on Friday afternoon and again today.  Looks like they're having a GREAT time!!!  Wayne headed back to work today so I have the night to myself.  I have been spinning all afternoon to the point where my hands have had enough!  I've been busy with my copic classes in Vernon and tomorrow I'll teach a watercolor painting class using distress inks....another FULL HOUSE!! That's pretty gratifying...my classes have been FULL!! :)  I'm on round three of the copic classes ...so that is huge for me as well.  I'll wind those down in September and perhaps pick them up again later in the fall or early winter.  We'll see how the weather behaves....it's still an hour to Vernon from here.

Anyway - lots going on.  Hopefully once things settle down and B is back to school I'll have more goodies to show you.  For now...we're just trying to get through the busy summer and get things organized for the new school year.   Thanks for stopping by!! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ridiculous that I haven't had a post this month and the first week of August is over!!! :(  Well, Happy Birthday to Wayne and I (me on the 2nd ...him on the 4th).  Sadly, we weren't together for either this year but he did manage to sneak home for one night last night and so took me out for a nice dinner at the local Greek House ...Minos! YUM!!  I had to say goodbye to him again today as he headed back to Invermere.  He'll be home on Wednesday but I'll be leaving that morning for the Fibre Fusion in Grand Forks!! Looking forward to that.  I've been dyeing up some YUMMY yarns and fibre so hopefully, it will be busy and the weekend will be a success.  Its their first one and as well, it is MY first show as a vendor (I'm working with 3 other gals) so it should be interesting.  I am a little behind in the prep for it...so hope to get into the dye pots again tomorrow.  I had planned to dye today, but with Wayne being home...there just wasn't time.  That's okay- tomorrow will work - hopefully I'll get lots done.  Teaching in Vernon again tomorrow night - I'm really quite enjoying teaching - I didn't think I would.  The extra money is nice too and goodness knows I need it as I did a lot of damage at the Sock Summit and I haven't worked at all on transcription since I got back!!UGH!!  Thankfully my account has been slow, so at least that's one positive!  :)  Well, I hope to have pics of all my yarny goodness before I leave Wednesday.  Stay tuned for some cards as well!! :)  I've been working on my stampscapes class that will take place later this month! :)  That's all for now - thanks for stopping by!