Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ridiculous that I haven't had a post this month and the first week of August is over!!! :(  Well, Happy Birthday to Wayne and I (me on the 2nd ...him on the 4th).  Sadly, we weren't together for either this year but he did manage to sneak home for one night last night and so took me out for a nice dinner at the local Greek House ...Minos! YUM!!  I had to say goodbye to him again today as he headed back to Invermere.  He'll be home on Wednesday but I'll be leaving that morning for the Fibre Fusion in Grand Forks!! Looking forward to that.  I've been dyeing up some YUMMY yarns and fibre so hopefully, it will be busy and the weekend will be a success.  Its their first one and as well, it is MY first show as a vendor (I'm working with 3 other gals) so it should be interesting.  I am a little behind in the prep for hope to get into the dye pots again tomorrow.  I had planned to dye today, but with Wayne being home...there just wasn't time.  That's okay- tomorrow will work - hopefully I'll get lots done.  Teaching in Vernon again tomorrow night - I'm really quite enjoying teaching - I didn't think I would.  The extra money is nice too and goodness knows I need it as I did a lot of damage at the Sock Summit and I haven't worked at all on transcription since I got back!!UGH!!  Thankfully my account has been slow, so at least that's one positive!  :)  Well, I hope to have pics of all my yarny goodness before I leave Wednesday.  Stay tuned for some cards as well!! :)  I've been working on my stampscapes class that will take place later this month! :)  That's all for now - thanks for stopping by!  

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