Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday....

Good morning peeps!! Fresh start to another week!! Cold and dreary outside with some expected rain this week.  Is fall here already???  I spent the early part of the morning picking up yard carnage from last night's wind storm.  I loathe the wind.  I actually couldn't stand the howling through our house (freaks me right out) so I grabbed Brayden and we went for a drive.  I felt much better and he was happy to get an ice cream cone as he has a sore throat. :(  It was past his bed time...but seriously, who could sleep anyway with the stinkin' wind blowing the way it was!! We felt much better after an hour or so when it had died down.  Wind terrifies me - give me lightening or thunder any day of the week - you can keep the wind!!

So this week will be a busy one.  We're heading to Vernon tonight to end round 4 of my copic classes.  I was hoping that this would be IT...but it looks like I will have to go one more round.  I keep having people sign up!! Crazy!!  This will be round 5 - but THAT will be it until the spring at least.  Then I'll see whether I want to continue with them again or not.  That's a lifetime away for me...who knows WHAT I"ll be into by then.  I'm still helping Tara with the store set up - we should be online in a week or two.  We're getting close!  Anyway - Tuesday Brayden starts hockey so I'll be enjoying some knitting time at the arena again! :)  Looking forward to that!  Wednesday is Cub Scouts and Brayden will be attempting to earn his "Collection Badge" by presenting his hockey card collection!  He's pretty excited about that.  When I picked him up last week, I was a little surprised to see a taxidermied wolf head on a pole that they do a little chant to, but I guess that's all part of the routine!  (A tad creepy if you ask me!)  Anyway, there are some interesting little fellows in that group (not to mention a few of the leaders) but Brayden seems to really like it.  I think it helps that he goes to school with two of the little guys and I think he knows another little dude from soccer.  Should be a good year.  Not sure what the rest of the week will bring ....but I'm sure we'll be busy!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Buh Bye Summer
(some pics from our trip to the Salmon River a few weeks ago)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me....

....and my honey!! 11 years and going strong!! Happy Anniversary to US!! Sadly, he's in Invermere today and I'm here - but he called first thing this morning and that just made my day!! :)  Looking forward to the next 11 ....and many more after that! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hard to believe.....

...it's been 14 years!  I miss you Mom! :(

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This pretty much.....

says it all....don't it?!!!

By the way....Dad...if you are reading this....you've missed a couple weekly check in phone calls!!  Whazzzz UP???

Saturday, September 17, 2011

What's goin' on....

Bad blogger alert - yes, I know...high time for an update!!!

Brayden is loving his classes and his new teacher who is also new to the school.  He seems to be hanging with quite a few grade 5 girls this year - not sure how I feel about that!!!  There seems to be a different girl at the house everyday after school (just neighborhood kids) and a few more "play date" offers everyday!  He has a costume party tomorrow afternoon at the theater and truth be told, I neither have the costume nor the present yet!! UGH!!! :( 

Well, last Saturday morning was a gong show.  I had the alpaca show and as well, hockey try outs - the final day where Brayden had to meet with the coach and a parent.  Yes, I had booked myself in two places at once.  Actually I was supposed to teach a class that day too, but thankfully I was able to postpone it.  As expected, Brayden did not make the team but that's okay...I wasn't disappointed one bit.  I think we're more keen on the house league anyway.  A lot less travel and a lot less politicking in the stands (from what I hear anyway)!  Looking forward to the regular season getting started later this month.  Brayden is also in Cub Scouts this year - or supposed to be.  I'm a little miffed that they are late in contacting us as the year has already started, but I managed to garner a number from one of Brayden's little friends so I'll be calling first thing Monday morning to see what the heck is going on.  They cashed my cheque for $150 earlier this summer, so I know he's registered!!  Not impressed so far as he was supposed to be in the parade last weekend!!! :(  Anyway - on a positive note, my alpaca Popcorn did AMAZING in the show.  He came in second in his class, which was the biggest class in the show!! Whooooot!!! That is amazing - great potential for the coming years if I can keep him healthy!! :)  I kind of wish I would have entered Brutis now too, but I'm happy with Popcorn's results.  That put our farm, Gleneden Alpacas, on the map anyway!!! It's quite an honor to place - especially this being my FIRST show!!! Whooot!!!  Anyway - it was a stressful show for me, but by the end, I had calmed down and was really enjoying it.  :) 

I have been teaching a LOT in Vernon.  Along with my copic classes (which are on the fourth round now)...I have been doing card classes and layout classes. 

Having lots of fun with the ladies.  We're at the end stages of getting the store online and "live".  That's exciting stuff! :)  It's almost ready - hopefully by the 1st of October we'll be up and running.

As for my knitting, I have updates that need to be added to my store.  I did "okay" at the Salmon Arm fair but not as good as in Armstrong.  That's okay - the SA fair is a LOT smaller!! It was still a nice bit of cash for not having to do anything other than set up my stuff.  Next year I'm going to enter some items in the fair.  I say that every year but NEXT year for sure!! :) 

Anyway, not much else on the go (that's enough, isn't it??)  Thanks for stopping by!!  :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Happy Anniversary to my Dad and Nancy who celebrate 9 years of togetherness today!! Also...missing Nanny (Wayne's Mom)....hard to believe its been a YEAR already!! :(  Time sure does fly!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School!!

It's the MOST wonderful time ....of the year!!! (Can you hear me singing???!)  Tee hee!! Well, we were up and 'attem this morning bright and early...yes, it was hard!! Here are a few of my annual "first day" pics!!

Brayden had the usual excitement and a few butterflies this morning! :)  Good thing its a short day!  Later this afternoon hockey season begins in the Costa household.  We have rep tryouts this afternoon at 4:30.  Hopefully his blister has healed and a callus has formed so his new skates are a little more comfortable.   This week should be a busy one with the Salmon Arm Fall Fair right around the corner!!  I did fairly well at the IPE this year...sold quite a few skeins of yarn and some fiber.  I will have to spend some time in the dye pots this week (perhaps today) to get a few more goodies ready for the local fair.  Nice to have a venue to sell my wares without having to pay for a booth or pay any commission!  Pays to join the local guild I guess! :)