Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Monday....

Good morning peeps!! Fresh start to another week!! Cold and dreary outside with some expected rain this week.  Is fall here already???  I spent the early part of the morning picking up yard carnage from last night's wind storm.  I loathe the wind.  I actually couldn't stand the howling through our house (freaks me right out) so I grabbed Brayden and we went for a drive.  I felt much better and he was happy to get an ice cream cone as he has a sore throat. :(  It was past his bed time...but seriously, who could sleep anyway with the stinkin' wind blowing the way it was!! We felt much better after an hour or so when it had died down.  Wind terrifies me - give me lightening or thunder any day of the week - you can keep the wind!!

So this week will be a busy one.  We're heading to Vernon tonight to end round 4 of my copic classes.  I was hoping that this would be IT...but it looks like I will have to go one more round.  I keep having people sign up!! Crazy!!  This will be round 5 - but THAT will be it until the spring at least.  Then I'll see whether I want to continue with them again or not.  That's a lifetime away for me...who knows WHAT I"ll be into by then.  I'm still helping Tara with the store set up - we should be online in a week or two.  We're getting close!  Anyway - Tuesday Brayden starts hockey so I'll be enjoying some knitting time at the arena again! :)  Looking forward to that!  Wednesday is Cub Scouts and Brayden will be attempting to earn his "Collection Badge" by presenting his hockey card collection!  He's pretty excited about that.  When I picked him up last week, I was a little surprised to see a taxidermied wolf head on a pole that they do a little chant to, but I guess that's all part of the routine!  (A tad creepy if you ask me!)  Anyway, there are some interesting little fellows in that group (not to mention a few of the leaders) but Brayden seems to really like it.  I think it helps that he goes to school with two of the little guys and I think he knows another little dude from soccer.  Should be a good year.  Not sure what the rest of the week will bring ....but I'm sure we'll be busy!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Buh Bye Summer
(some pics from our trip to the Salmon River a few weeks ago)

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