Sunday, March 16, 2014


Well, it's been a bit of a whirlwind since I last posted.  Work is kicking my butt!  As soon as the snow starts to go - people want to list their houses and that makes for a busy ME!!! :)  I have been working non-stop between 10-14 hours a day.  CRAZY BUSY!! Sadly, that means no knitting!! :(  I have three projects on the go that have been taking a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish and I just got the yarn for 2 more - so I need to get going!! 

I did manage to sneak out a couple weeks ago and have some fun on the farm with my friend Anne and her lovely flock of sheep.  The sheerer came out and although it was about -10 that morning - the barn was pretty warm.  Here are a few shots of the day:


It was great fun and Anne tells me that she is a grandma to twins born yesterday morning.  The first of a long lambing season to come.  GREAT FUN!!

Then - on March 1st - a few friends and I travelled to Kamloops where we took in their annual Bash Your Stash - Spin In.  It was another day of fun - I brought both my wheels as my Kromski needed some attention.  There was a fellow there offering to oil and clean our wheels for $10 so I took full advantage of that.  I had him look at the bearing on my wheel as I thought that was shot - but it turned out that it was just a set of washers that had mistakenly been reversed when I had my drive band replaced! WHEW!!!  She's as good as new now and all ready to go.  :)   Alas, in my move, I had taken apart my Ladybug and so when I got to the spin-in, I realized that I'd left some key parts at home.  As I hadn't planned on spinning on the Kromski, I hadn't brought any bobbins with me - so there I was - at a spin-in with two wheels and neither of them functionable! LOL!! Story of my life!!! As luck would have it - I did pack my knitting - so that day was not lost.  I managed to get a few rows done on the edging of my Angelus.  WIN!!!  Here are a couple pics of the ladies:


You can see the vendors in the back of this picture - if you recall - last year I vended here and the ladies were so lovely to tell me they missed my yarns and were sad to hear that I'd folded up shop.  I don't really miss it though and there are soo many other wonderful people in the industry now - it's no longer a niche that needed filling.  Hoping to MAYBE get to Fibres West next weekend in Cloverdale - it will depend on the work - and the weather of course!! :)

So March 8/9/10 weekend was Hockey Hockey Hockey - we took a trip to Osoyoos and stayed at the Best Western Plus while there.  The boys played REALLY well all weekend and came second in the tournament.  Not bad for a bunch of kids that lost practically EVERY game this season.  We also came first in the playoffs in the bottom 6 of our division.  It was a nail biter against the other Salmon Arm team in the final but we managed to pull off a 3-2 win.  EXCITING stuff - now onto soccer.

I have enrolled Brayden in Soccer Camp starting tomorrow over spring break.  It's only 2 hours a day and I think it will give him a boost to his season, which starts in April.  Looking forward to some warmer weather on the sidelines (read - uninterrupted KNITTING TIME!!)

Well, I think that's about it for now....I'll have more pictures and info to post soon but this post has gone on long enough.  I hope whatever you're doing - you'll find a little time to get creative!! It's good for the soul!