Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Finished Objects For The Store.....

So I've been a little busy finishing up a couple projects for the store.  The first project finally off the needles is the Gemini Sweater.   I really loved this yarn in the skein but it didn't come out with as much texture as I thought it would.  The lace detail around the neck is super cute and it is plain in the back, which makes it reversible.....kind of a nice little feature to add some versatility.  I've included a picture of the lace detail to give you a close up. 

The next item I completed was a free pattern by the yarn distributors called the Linda by Katia yarns.  I REALLY enjoyed working with this yarn - the drape is fabulous.  I love the edge along the bottom - a super cool stitch and it really adds to the interest of the garment.  Again I've added a picture so you can see the detailing. 

I'm still working on a few more projects for the store.  I've completed the Noel shawlette but it has not been blocked yet.  I'll try and get a picture up in the next day or so.  I've also been busy with my other crafts but you'll have to wait a bit to see any progress on that.  I am heading to the Black Sheep Wool Gathering in Eugene Oregon next week and I am uber excited about that.  Apparently there are FOUR buildings with vendors in them and that just makes me GIDDY with excitement.  Sadly, we only have an $800 allowance to bring back over the border - so that will definitely stop me from going too overboard.  I've already ordered a stand for my Kromski Harp to be picked up down there.  I've been waiting over TWO YEARS for a local store to get it and finally I'd had enough.  I've had all of the items here to make my project - I've just been waiting for this stand.  Now I'll finally be able to put it all together and get going.  I hope the weaving bug doesn't bite me too hard as between the glass, clay and now some new beading ideas...I've definitely got more crafts than time!! (*Sigh)

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