Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challenge Number 5 - Under the Sink....

Can I just say Ewwww!!!  This was kinda gross if I do say so myself and I hadn't done it all that long ago.  Why is it that some stuff (read coffee grounds) just can't make it INTO the garbage can???  Anyway - here are my before shots:

(just LOVELY!!!)

(ICK!!!!!) after shot:

Now ...if I had time...I would paint this cupboard or at least line it with some cute paper or something, but for now - this is it.  At least it's done.  I sanitized it too.  Bleck!  Now for those of you environmentalists, yes, I have some pretty potent cleaners down here - but rest assured..they barely get used!! LOL!!!  :)  I have been doing a little thinking of getting into the Shaklee products - have any of you tried them??? Any comments???  Do they clean??  I would like to become a little more environmentally conscious.  Sadly, I'm really awful when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I try to recycle, but I admit, I'm a work in progress.  The curbside program that was just introduced into our neighborhood is helping though!! :) Anyway - this is what's been keeping me busy while Brayden is away!! I have a lot more to accomplish - wonder what Toni has instore for me next?!!!

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