Sunday, March 20, 2011

Challenge Number 4 - The Linen Closet.... goes....TOTAL MESS
To a lot less mess.....

Now THIS closet enabled me to pretty much fill UP my entire "to donation" bin.  Any particular reason I would be hanging onto "single bed" sheets when we don't even have a "single" bed in this house??? Hmmm???  I also got rid of a ton of ratty towels and a second heating pad. we need two of those??? I can't even remember the last time we used the one we have!!!  The towels on the top shelf are the "swimming" towels and usually end up on the boat all summer between washings. On the very bottom shelf, which you can barely see in this picture, are all the fitted sheets.  I prefer to "roll" these so the shelf still looks pretty messy.  I read somewhere the other day and I quote, "Life is too short to fold fitted sheets" and I completely agree.  Therefore, they will reside on the bottom.  :)  I also have towels/face clothes in both of my bathrooms, so these really are just the extras.  I'll get to those areas when I do the bathrooms...but I can tell you right now - its time for the rattiness to GO!!! Also, by the look of my linen closet...I think its high time I purchased myself some new "cute" sheets! :)  Pretty humdrum in here if you ask me!! :)

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