Monday, March 21, 2011

A shawl for Japan.....

So many artists are coming together right now to help with the devastation in Japan.  Its really cool to see.  When I saw this pattern from Wendy, I knew I just had to have I've been wanting to make a lace shawl for a while now.  She's donating the proceeds to Japan.  It's a GREAT cause and I get a GREAT pattern!!! Now to find the perfect yarn......stay tuned!!

(image courtesy of Wendy Johnson)
Oh...and if you are can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or here

Also, I forgot to mention that my previous socks (the metro ones) were the winners on Ravelry for the month of March.  For that, I got to pick a pattern from Wendy's selection at The Loopy Ewe.  I picked the Two-Fer-Socks...can't wait to get these babies on the needles!! :)


  1. Wow , that a beautiful shawl ! I think a beautiful metallic thread would look FABULOUS in this pattern !!! Fantastic cause too .... wish I liked to knit though !

    Congrats on your win for socks too ! Look at you GO !!!!

    Love the look of your new background on your BLOG too !!!

  2. Nothing like feeding your addiction for a great cause! Can't wait to see what you do with the pattern. Like what you did with your blog!