Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

Well, happy New Year's Eve everyone!  Hope you all have some BIG plans for ringing in 2012 tonight!!  We will be doing the usual, staying home, watching the ball drop and just relaxing.  After a few hectic days at the rink we are ready for it.  Brayden played in the Salmon Arm tournament these past couple of days.  They did really well but just couldn't get by Revelstoke (again!!).  UGH!!! The Saints came in third overall so not too bad.  The little guys from Beaver Valley took the tournament and that was great to see as they are dead last in their league.  That being said, they shelacked all of the teams here, so I can just imagine what kind of league they must have in Trail/Nelson and area.  Those teams would be TOUGH!!!! Anyway, it was nice to see them take home the win as it did a lot of good for their confidence.  They only had one point this year and that's because they tied a game.....all others were a loss!  It was really nice to see the little guys soooo happy! :) 

Anyway - I won't get into the resolutions I have for the coming year....but suffice it to say that getting to a reasonable weight is on the list AGAIN!!! Will this be the year???  I do have a few knitting related goals I wish to accomplish too!  I have a wack of friends that have all requested knitted items and I have good intentions to get a few of those accomplished this year (yes Donna, your blue socks are on that list!!) Tee hee!! I have also resolved to knit 12 sweaters and 12 pairs of socks this year, so we'll see how THAT goes!!! :)  As well, I am moving forward with my yarn business and have just placed another wholesale order for that.  Hopefully that order will be here soon and I can fire up the dye pots again.  It's been WAY too long!!

Not sure what the rest of 2012 will have in store for the Costa's but I think it will be the year of change.  We have a lot of "what ifs?" on the agenda so hopefully we can make some decisions and find a little direction.  We do have some specific goals...just not sure which road to take to make them come to fruition.  It's times like these that I could really use a crystal ball!! 

Well, I hope that 2012 is good to you all, my faithful readers, and that you will find much happiness and health in the year to come.  Enjoy your celebrations tonight and stay safe!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Happy New Year to all of you ! Quiet night in our household ... I will be watching the ball drop alone again this year as the BIG GUY can't seem to keep awake ! LOL ! All the best on all you decisions in 2012 and hope everything works out for all of you ! My crystal ball broke years ago so sorry no help here ! LOL ! I will be counting on those socks though ......... but don't rush them as that goal got BROKE awhile back ! Time to get back on the bandwagon .... and get off the yo-yo !
    One thing I know I have to do in the new year is contact you guys MORE as we are getting lax in our contact and I spend a lot of time going " WHAT ????? ) Bawhaaaaa !!!!

    Have a great evening and gve your guys a big kiss from us at new years ! Hope to see you in the Spring ! All the best !!!!