Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye....

Today I traveled to Kelowna to celebrate the life of my Dad's oldest sister, my Auntie Joanne.  It was a very nice service with one of those pictoral slide shows during which I had quite a few chuckles sitting beside my Auntie Rini who narrated the who's who in the pictures for me.  It was fun to giggle at the outfits and the hairstyles both of my Aunt and my cousins.  My Dad was chosen to give the eulogy and he did a great job, relaying stories of his youth and tales of his older sister.  A somewhat somber day but good to see my rellies and share a few memories too! 

So tomorrow, I send my little goober to Cub camp!  To say I'm a little nervous is an understatement.  It's dang cold out there!! I'm thrilled that they are staying in a chalet as they HAD planned on tenting!!! I know that these Cub leaders are trained and this is "what they do" but my kid is only 9 and he's not really the most responsible cublet in the bunch!! We've been given STRICT rules to let the kids pack themselves.  They have certain things they MUST bring (right down to their own plates and cutlery) and they need to be able to carry their own crap - so the more they bring - the more they have to carry!!! There are a lot of rules in Cubs.  I understand the "why's" behind it - teaching the kids survival and skills, and yet, it terrifies me.  The other night, on our ride home, I asked Brayden what he'd done in Cubs that night.  (Yes, admittedly, I drop and run on Wednesday nights and I usually don't stick around long enough to see what's on the agenda).  Anyway, he informed me that they had "knife safety" night.  Um...WHAT???!!!  I barely let the kid use a butter knife...much less an actual blade!! Apparently, in Cubs...9 is an age where you must become proficient in carving yourself a walking stick!!! HUH??? Reluctantly, I'm trusting these people to watch over my child but if he comes home with so much as a SCRATCH from said "blade"...there will be some serious consequences.  I've honestly thought about pulling him from the whole Cub chaos that is a little odd in my view.....but he loves it!  I mean he REALLY L-O-V-E-S it!!!  I guess I just have to let him experience this kind of stuff and hope he doesn't come home with one less appendage! :(  I am just praying they have cell service in the Larch Hills area!! If not....there may or may not be one harried mother stalking the chalet from the outside, hiding behind trees and peeking in windows at all hours on the night to ensure her baby is safely tucked inside!!! Have I mentioned.....I'm still not really sure I'm cut out for this motherhood crap!!! SHEESH!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone - I'm off to Red Deer on Saturday with Tara to pick up the stock for our new store!!!"  Exciting stuff!! Please pray for good roads as the weather is supposed to warm up and that will probably entail some precipitation!! UGH! Just an overnighter though so that shouldn't be too bad! Happy trails!

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