Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stash Enhancement

Good morning - well, a big 'ol fail at blogging yesterday as promised but hey, better late than never!!  This week has flown by - tons of new goodies arrived and some knitting time but not a lot.  I have a few WIP'S (works in progress) to show you this morning.  First off, my Echeveria socks.  This is a Mystery Sock KAL - a new clue is released every week so this was the first clue from January 1st to 8th. 

The next clue was released on the 8th and I have it in the queue and will get to it this week.   It is not a big clue but does involve some colorwork - so that will be interesting.  Not sure how I like colorwork ...I love the look of it but actually doing it is a bit of a PITA!!!  Anyway, we'll see how that turns out.  Stay Tuned. 

I am still working on the first square in the Great American Aran Afghan book.  I had originally started with the Julie B. Levy square but after a few rookie mistakes and some frustration, I frogged it (rip it, rip it) and will start that one again later.  In the meantime, I have started the Hanna Burns square and am enjoying how it is turning out.  Initially, I was having trouble with the DNA swirl but I seem to have figured it out now.  Let me just say - it could have been explained a little better in the pattern book!! I'm not the only one that has had trouble with this one!!

My yarn finally arrived for my Dark and Stormy Cardigan.  It is going to be a stretch to get this one done by the end of the month but we'll see.  Most of the KALs (Knit-A-Longs) are running until the end of February, so I will still have some time if I miss the first deadline.  I'm really loving this tweed yarn.  I had a few rows done and decided to frog it and go down a needle size.  I just like a tighter fabric on my sweaters and I think this will be a better fit.  We'll see.  Anyway - just a few rows in so hope to have some more progress next week to show you.

Alright - well other than a big box of yarn arriving this week for my sweater and a few other things - I also managed to snag a few books I've been wanting to add to my stash!! 

I think the patterns in these will keep me busy for quite sometime and I am looking forward to knitting something out of each of them this year!! Hold me to that, would ya! :)

On another note....who ordered all the freakin' snow???

This is a picture of my deck - I usually clear off the hot tub cover so I can gauge how much snow has fallen.  This is what's fallen in the last few days!! ENOUGH already!!! Keep it in the hills - they like it up there!!  I've pretty  much been a hermit and only go out when I need to  - have I mentioned I drive a MINI VAN!!! Not so great in the snow.  I'd love a little SUV but alas, Wayne was considering this until he replaced the spark plugs in the van and say now it runs like a brand new vehicle!! UGH!!! Perhaps a little sugar in the gas tank...Mmmm?  Sheesh!!

 In other news, Brayden was the lucky recipient of one of these this week:
This is a spreader which actually widens the pallet of his mouth (can you say OUCH!!!)  Every night I take a little key and give it a crank to spread the bars a little further.  Now if you ask me, this is probably horrific for the kid but I gotta tell you - it doesn't sit so well with the Mama Bear either.  Kinda makes my stomach turn but I guess to give him the benefit of a beautiful set of choppers - I'll hold up my end of the bargain.  So far he's doing REALLY well.  He's such a little trooper.  He's had to re-learn to swallow and talk as this device doesn't leave a whole lot of room for his wee tongue.  I sent him to school with some soup today and I'm hoping the kids aren't too cruel to him.  I have a feeling I'm going to need to run to town to get some wax but so far, he seems to be doing okay!!  He's such a great kid....I just love that little guy!! :)

Anyway - I think that's about it for this week.  Hope y'all have a great week ahead.  Take some time to create something FUN!! :) 

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  1. YEAH !!!! I am BACK !!!! So glad to come " visit " and see what you have been up too ! Love that tweed yarn and anxious to see what you make with it ( completed ! LOL ! )

    Hope B doesn't have too much trouble with that spreader .... looks like something out of the Dark Ages !!! OUCH !!!!

    TTYS !
    D :-)

    AND please keep the snow your way as we have enough now here thanks !