Monday, December 14, 2009

Gift Card Holder

Sorry for the lull in posts, alas...tis the season!! Busy Busy Busy!! I did manage to find some time tonight to make this sweet little gift card holder. This is going to be the year of gift cards - not because I'm lazy...I just seriously have NO idea of what to get people this year!!! I love getting gift cards! I just hope that no one is offended and thinks that I didn't put any effort into it. I did really!!! My brain is TIRED thinking of stuff to get people!!! I think the gift card solves it all. You get what you want and I get one more present out of the way!!! It's the TOTAL way to go!! :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by....I hope your Christmas shopping is almost done so that you can take a little time to stop and enjoy the season!! :)


  1. Gift cards are always an awesome gift! lol I love your little holder!!!

  2. I love gift cards too! Great job on the holders, I made up a bunch of these too and hung them on the tree! I'm taunting the boys with them!

  3. I LOVE mine and it is hanging on my tree ! You are the best !!!! I need to remember these as they are on my list of " to do's " for next Christmas !