Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well, I'm finally finished the advent calendar and only two days late!! Not bad!! :) I didn't jazz it up too much as I want it to be a timeless treasure and not have to many gluables that will just fall off over the years. It's bad enough with all the sparkle letters!!! I may put some poinsettias on the middle part, but I didn't have any on hand. We'll see. I also finished crocheting a couple of scarves. Really plain but nice and warm. The first is a skinnier version of the shell scarf I did a while ago and the other is just a fun fringe scarf. I love crochet!! :) Especially with big hooks!!
Hope you enjoy my projects!! Now off to find something else to do!


  1. AWESOME! I love the Advent calendar and those scarves are beautiful! Awesome job!

  2. Your advent calender turned out beautiful. What a great family treasure to share in years to come. Love the scarves to so cozy looking-Hugs Tania

  3. I love your Advent calendar and am getting inspired to want to make one! If not this year, for sure next!

    Your scarves are beautiful!