Thursday, February 11, 2010

Came across a blog tonight that had a funky little challenge going on. The blog is by the Yarn Harlot and the challenge is called 2010 Knitting Olympics!! I'm going to play along. I'll be working on some socks that I started a while ago an then lost a needle (5 needles to make these babies)!! I also lost the pattern, so now I am going to rip the sock out that I started, and go for it again!! To start and complete a PAIR within 17 days is definitely an Olympic challenge for me!!! You cast on your project during the opening ceremonies and then you have the 17 days to complete it before the flame is extinguished! Sounds like fun eh??? Pick up your knitting needles and play along. I'll post my socks when I'm done....wish me luck!! :)

1 comment:

  1. better watch out that VANOC doesn't make you take those links off ............... LOL !

    Cool socks now get knitting ! I am still waiting for the pair you were working on last year @@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bawhaaaa !