Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A BIG Greeting Farm THANK YOU!!!

Just a quick post to say thank you to those of you that helped with the voting this week. We are on to round FOUR!!! Whoooot!!! There are only 6 rounds - so really, I'll only bug you for another couple of weeks!! HONEST!! :)

I do have a few new projects to share, but the "big reveal" has to wait until the 15th so check back then. In the meantime, I am flying to Calgary in the morning to hang with a bunch of my online buddies (whom I've never met!!) We will be at the Scrapbook Eh? Education Eh? event this weekend at the Carriage Inn in Calgary. Vendor Day Friday, Camp Croppin' on Friday night and all day Saturday and then I will be taking an all day class on Sunday and hopefully after a full day of coloring - attaining my Copic Certification!! Whooooot!!! I cannot WAIT!!! :)

Now I am used to packing for crops - I do them a few times a year!! However, I usually drive - so if I can fit it in the goes!!! However, this time I am FLYING!! Have you EVER tried to pack for a crop when you are FLYING??!!! GAH!!! Needless to say - your choices are much more limited. I sure hope my tablemates are stocked up ...and if all else fails, thankfully there is a scrappy store - RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!!! Yay!! Then I just have to worry about getting it home - and I can always ship it! LOL!!!

Anyway - have a great weekend - I will have my laptop, so will be posting my reveals (and all the details on this fabulous scrappy weekend) while I'm away!! As always, thanks for stopping by!!

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