Monday, September 20, 2010

My recent FOs (Finished Objects!)

Okay - so first I finished these....
and then.....I started and finished this:

This was wool I purchased while on Hornby Island this summer.  I bought a skein for myself and my cousin bought one for her.  Then we bought the needles and I proceeded to knit her a scarf while on the island.  I finally just got around to knitting my own.  The colors were obtained naturally from hand dying using the most bizarre items.  My cousin's scarf was almost gold and it was dyed from polyspores (which is some kind of mossy type stuff found around the base of a tree).  My scarf was dyed using mushrooms.  It's almost a pinky color in real life...I just love it.  Anyway, the gal's blog is  It's facinating to me to see how she does this.  I aspire to learn how to dye one day....and the more natural the better.  She mentioned you can do some pretty cool stuff with carrot tops, etc.  I can only imagine!! :)  Anyway, that I've completed those two I started on these:

I've definitely been bitten by the sock bug....and if you look closely - you will see some beads!!! I've always been a big fan of by combining the two of them.....its a PERFECT MATCH!!! I'll keep you posted on my progress! :)


  1. Wow, your wool work is great. I've never really been able to progress beyond the basic scarf.Hope your ready for the weekend!I am-Hugs Tania

  2. Well I am still waiting for MY socks ..... Bahaaa ! Just kidding but those are awesome .... the bedded ones are so cool ! Love the scarf too ......... woo hoo !