Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whoot!! A free night!!

Yes, no hockey, no cubs, no power skating.....NOTHING!! A night off!! Actually, the neighbors just picked up Brayden and he's headed to Awana....a youth group of some sort!  I'm happy to send him as he is driving me nuts!!  Man that child has a mouth on him!!! I KNOW he's not like this when he's away from home....and I'm told by the so called professionals to just let him "vent" when he gets home but when it comes to being disrespectful...I will NOT tolerate that!! GAH!!!!  Anyway, I'm off to a weekend scrapbooking retreat with the I think that's just what the doctor ordered!  B will be staying with Grandpa who was nice enough to come HERE to look after him and the animals.  WOW...does that ever make things easier on me! (Thanks Dad!!)  I'm really looking forward to the weekend although much of it will be spent working on the new online store.  I am taking my knitting along  too and hope to steal a little time other than inputting pictures on the site (read b-o-r-i-n-g!!) 

On the knitting front...I test knit a pair of socks for a gal and they turned out fine.  I only have the first one done and hope to get the other one started this weekend.  It is "Socktober" right now so I have three more pairs on the needles.  Each has one sock completed but sadly I've been suffering from Second Sock Syndrome and have yet to cast on each mate.  I hope to rectify that this weekend and get them done by the end of the month!! I am also working on a Twistygoo hat and just finished this Rib-A-Roni for the little devil child! 

 I actually enjoy making hats - they knit up soooo quickly! This one was pretty simple but I think it will keep his ears warm.  We usually go through 3-4 hats a season so I'm sure this one will end up in a lost and found somewhere! :) 

I'll have to wait until after the weekend to show you my scrapbooking items - I have a new card class and some make & takes for this weekend planned.  I hope the ladies like them! :)  Anyway - have a GREAT weekend....and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love the hate .... hate it when a " good " kid discovers his MOTH ! LOL ! we do survive it ! Enjoy your weekend and hope you are working on my second sock ! LOL !

  2. HEY !!!!!! I was FINALLY able to comment !!!he first time in MONTHS !!!!! YEAH !!!!!!