Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my little goober....!

Happy Birthday to my little man Brayden who turned nine years old on Saturday!!!  He and Wayne travelled to Revelstoke in the morning for hockey where the Saints took on the super tough Revelstoke team.  They ended up tieing the game at 4 goals apiece and Wayne said it was one of the best games he'd ever seen.  Very exciting!!   The boys came back and met me at Boston Pizza for dinner and then we took Brayden and his little friend, Dawson, to the Silverbacks game.  They had a GREAT time!!

While the boys were in Revelstoke, I took part in the annual Shuswap Spinners & Weavers Craft Show, which was amazing.   I was under the impression that it was just "finished objects" so I did not bring my yarn or fiber...and only brought the few hand knit items I had left....a few shawls, some scarves, hats ...just really basic stuff.  SOLD!!! I couldn't believe how fast the items went.  There were tons of amazing items there - really beautiful stuff.  Some of the girls brought fiber and yarn so next year I'll be a little more prepared in that department too! :)  Anyway - it was tons of fun and I'm super happy with the glad I went.  Alas, my poor little Etsy store really has nothing in it now.  I opened up a store for just my finished items called I guess I'll have to get busy and restock it.  That will have to wait though as I have been commissioned to knit some kid's socks from a lady I met at a craft fair that called me the other day and I have also been asked to knit some baby props for my GF who runs a photography business up north!  :)  My fingers are working as fast as they possibly can.  I'm loving it!! So fun to knit little kid stuff.  Such cute little items and they knit up pretty fast.  Well, okay - the hats do...the socks are proving to take a little longer...but I get paid more for those too! :)  Anyway - it's all good!! :)  Looking forward to getting a LOT done this week as Wayne has headed back to Invermere tonight and its just Brayden and I again!! Not much on the agenda this week, which means a LOT of knitting/spinning time!! Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by! :)

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