Thursday, November 17, 2011

I've been bit....

Okay - I admit it...I've been bit by the novelty yarn bug!!! UGH!!!  I just thought I'd whip up these two little beauties cuz I've heard so much about this yarn and how FAST and easy these scarves are.  Okay - I'll admit - they knit up quick....I'm just not sure I like them!! We'll see how they do at the craft fair tonight!! Stay tuned! :)

Oh...and I whipped up a couple more things this week after selling out at the last craft fair I did last weekend.  Here's a hat and some fingerless mitts.  Fun, quick knits that will hopefully sell!! If not, they'll be going in my new Etsy store (finished objects), which I'll get to on Monday sometime!  :)

Well, tomorrow I'm off to my annual scrapbooking retreat out at Sunnybrae.  I cannot wait!!! It always goes by soooo fast - I really hope time slows down a little this weekend as I have lots to get done.  I had a woman look through my sold cards on Etsy and she has commissioned me to reproduce five of them for her (yikes!!).  She also wants just colored images from I'll be busy!! :)  I've been contemplating taking my wheel along for the weekend to get a little spinning in...but I think I'll just take my copics.  Surely those will keep me busy enough!! Anyway - thanks for stopping by...have a great weekend! :)


  1. Hi Lisa,

    The scarves are great, very fashionista. You do good work girl.


  2. OK LISA ....... you have been holding out on me ! LOL !That first scarf is amazing and that is the pattern I have been looking for .... well kind of ! LOL ! Let me know what that yarn is and where you found it :-)

    Totally awesome work my friend - even that white bunny one ! Good luck on selling EVERYTHING out at the next craft fair !