Friday, February 10, 2012

Holy Crap!!! ( said in my best Peter Boyle voice)

What happened to the last couple of weeks????  Sheesh - hard to believe we're already 10 days into February!! I'm surprised I haven't received the "update your blog" phone call yet!!! :) 

Well, the store has been keeping me horrifically busy!!! ...and by busy, I mean BUSY!!! Loading tons of new goodies online every day and trying to maintain a presence in the store two days a week is fun, but exhausting!!  We are still busy with hockey and have some back-to-back games this weekend (thankfully in Salmon Arm).  I'll be teaching a layout class at the store this weekend and hope to have fun with a few ladies getting all inky and messy!!

I will also be loading some new yarn into my Etsy store this weekend.  I had planned to open up a little "yarn corner" in the scrapbooking store......but I think I'm just going to shelve those plans - for now anyway.  I'm just so busy I really need to add "one more thing" to the pile??  I think not!!

Looking forward to Wayne getting home today.  In fact, I think he'll be home in time to take me for lunch! :)  BONUS!!  I always love it when he gets home a little bit early!

Well, have a great weekend everyone!  Hope to get some time on the needles this weekend - its been far too long! :)
Thanks for stopping by.....

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