Thursday, February 16, 2012

My very last custom knit.....

Okay - so back in the fall I was approached by a lady that wanted me to knit up some baby stuff for the impending arrival of another grandchild.  I accepted the challenge as after all - she didn't need the items till February!!!  So what do I do??? Wait until the MIDDLE of February to even get started!! Sheesh...what is WITH that!!! Anyway - here are the items for said baby....and this will be my last custom knit.  For whatever reason, I don't like working with a deadline and I don't like "wondering" if a customer will like what I've made.  I would rather just make something and throw it up for sale and if someone likes it - voila....SALE!  This custom knitting stuff is for the birds.  Knitting with a deadline takes all the fun out of it...even if the deadline is 4 months away!!! (insert rolling eyes here!)

1 comment:

  1. So when I find out I'm going to be a grandma, I have to knit my own stuff? Dang! LOL