Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another FO!!!

That's "finished object" for those of you not in the knitting world!! :) 

Here she is - my Hitchhiker:

What a fun knit!! I'd definitely make another! :)  Can't wait to wear this baby tomorrow when we hit FIBERS WEST!!! Whoooot!!!  Wayne wants to go to Abbotsford to look at a bike and I wanted to take in this festival.  Win-WIN!!! The only thing that sucks are the roads but we'll take it easy.  Hopefully the worst of it is over now and they'll have it all cleaned up by tomorrow.  Traveling this time of year is always dicey but thankfully we don't have to "be" anywhere urgent and we can just take our time.  Wayne says....well, I might have to leave you there, ALL DAY!!! Yeah-like THAT's going to be a problem!! Tee hee.  I can hardly wait.  Have Mastercard...will travel!! :)

Anyway - on another note - I got my first Scentsy recruit today!! YAY me!!!! I'm off and running with an actual "team"!! LOL!! :)  This gal is from Red Deer so not so much one on one..but I'll do my best to ensure her success.  She's already got her first party booked!! Soooo thrilled for her!  Well, and ME!!  :)

Oh...and to make it an even BETTER day ..if that's possible.....I got my box from Curry's Art store.  My Pan Pastels and sponges arrived.  Watch for some cool artwork in my future!! Perhaps there's a mixed media artist somewhere buried deep inside that I didn't know about.  Can't wait to see what will be unleashed NEXT!! :) If nothing else, it will be fun to get all chalky!

On the crafting front, I made these little goodies and sold them all on TopHatter Auctions these past few days.  Who knew my little note cards and stitch markers would be so popular!!! FUN times!!

Now those were my sold items...I won't actually tell you how much I have PURCHASED but needless to say...I have some fun items coming!! :)  Can't wait till they arrive and I can start creating more fun stuff!!

Have a great day everyone...and thanks for stopping by! :)

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