Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break.....

Yep, that's right - two glorious weeks of Spring Break!  ....and I'm SICK!!! SICK I tell ya!! I haven't felt this crappy in a LONG time!! What gives???  Just a simple head cold but the fog that it brings with it is enough to drive me around the bend.  I don't mind being sick normally but when I get the pain and stuffiness of a sinus infection - that really throws me for a loop.  This is day 4 and I am hoping that this is the last of it.  Either that or I'm going to have to check for bed sores cuz I haven't moved from my bed or the couch in days!! Thank goodness for Netflix and three seasons of Dexter to keep me occupied - well that and my knitting needles although at times I can't even be bothered with those! :(

Sooo...what have I been working on??? Well, there was a charity drive for some Snuggles blankets.  These are little blankets that are donated to your local shelter that are used as security blankets for new arrivals.   The information is here:

Snuggles Project

Anyway - I crocheted three of these little guys and the nearest local shelter involved in the program is in Lillooet so that's where my blankies will go!  They're kinda fugly but the animals won't mind and it was a good way to use up some of that acrylic yarn that has been languishing in my stash!! :)

Then my girlfriend who is starting her own business making dolls asked me to do up a sweater for her so she could have a prototype for her doll clothes.  I was happy to help and hence made this:

Hopefully it will fit as she wants to commission me to knit a whole bunch more.  You know how I feel about commissioned knitting so we'll see!! :)

As I may have mentioned, I joined the 12 in 2012 Sock Club this year, which means I need to knit 12 socks  in 2012 (notice I said 12 socks and not 12 pairs of socks! Tee Hee).  Of course I am going to attempt pairs...but well, you know how it goes!    Anyway, here is my first pair (yes, I might be a little behind already!!!)

Pair #1
and here is my second pair.

Pair #2:

Okay - yes, these are baby socks and I know I'm pushing it a little but sheesh....they still count okay!! :)  My GF just had a little baby boy and this is my little giftie to her! :)  Cute eh???

So what else have I been working on???? Well, I'm in a KAL (Knit-a-long) for the Hitchhiker Shawlette so I have until the end of the month to complete that.  With this downtime being sick, I am making fairly good progress on that:

It's a nice mindless knit - lots of garter stitch - perfect when you're brain dead!  I don't think I'll have any problem finishing it in the time alotted.    I haven't done much spinning this month but do plan on getting back to my wheel in the near future.  I am taking an Art Yarn Spinning Course in April so I can't wait to attempt that.  I normally spin a fingering weight so creating a bulky art yarn will definitely be stepping outside my comfort zone!  I can't wait! My teacher is fabulous - very talented girl! :)

So other than that - not much else going on around here.  Hockey is winding up - one tournament to go and then Spring Hockey starts.....oh, and soccer.  Yes, we've put Brayden in both this year so I am enjoying this little break before it all starts up again!

This week's goals are to get back to the craft table and hopefully get some paper crafting done.  I haven't touched my desk in weeks.  Oh, and I'm taking two more online courses...the first by Tim Holtz - Creative Chemistry 101 where he showcases all his products and what makes them work! I LOVE Tim Holtz and am excited to learn more about the chemistry in his fabulous products.  The other class is again really stepping outside the box for me.  It is a pastels art class by Donna Downey!!  I have ordered my supplies and am anxiously awaiting their arrival! ACK!!! Mixed media???? ME??? Yikes!! Well, we'll see how it goes!! If anything, I'm adventurous!! :)

Well, that's about all that's happening around here!  A long post....but it's been a while! I'll try to get on this a little more frequently....goodness knows there's always SOMETHING going on around here!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Spring Break! :)
Lisa :)

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