Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes to Blogger....

Sheesh - sometimes I don't know why the powers that be need to fix things that aren't broken.  They've taken a simple, easy-to-use product and made it all very confusing!! Good grief ...leave things ALONE!!!

Okay - rant over!!

So...what's been happening??  Well, I've been working on this:

This was a test knit for a gal in Germany!  I was a little late getting it in but it was actually a lot larger than I thought it would be.  It turned out really nicely and I absolutely love it! :)  The other item I worked on was this:

Yes, another shawl.  I love these little shawls - they're really more like shawlettes - I wear them more like a scarf!  They just dress up a turtleneck and do keep you warm.  Not maybe so perfect for the hot summer weather that's on the way but for spring and fall - they're just perfect.  I have started a new shawl so I'll throw some pics up once it's done.  It is a LARGE shawl though - so it might be awhile.

On another note, my Scentsy business is really taking off and this month I'll jump from Escential consultant, which is where you start out, right up to Lead consultant.  I skipped right over Certified and now I have a TEAM!! Sooo exciting - who would have thought that l'il ole me would have a "TEAM"!!! Anyway - I'm really enjoying the direction of this company and am excited to hear what's next.

Brayden has finally finished hockey (yes, by April...I'm DONE!) and has started soccer and flag football.  Football is new to him this year and he is really enjoying it.  He was also invited on a team of boys to play ball hockey in a tournament this weekend.  It looks to be quite the event!  Hopefully the boys will do well - but regardless, I know they'll have fun.

I started a new job last week - doing some administrative work for a real estate team based in Vernon.  I am super excited and so far am really loving the work.  It is only a few hours a day but just PERFECT for my lifestyle.  I get to work from home and other than always being a slave to my email to see if new work has is pretty cool! :)  Real estate... oh yeah....right up my alley!! :)

Anyway - that's about all for updates!! Thanks for stopping by......


  1. I totally agree, Lisa! OMG! Logged on today to FINALLY post on my blog (after 2 months) and it took forever to figure out how to get it to post. LOL

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your job in Vernon. Love the shawls too!