Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Canada Day - Happy July!

Hello everyone - hope you all had a GREAT long weekend and were able to celebrate Canada Day with your families!  :)  We were lucky enough to spend the weekend up at the cabin at Oyama Lake!

Isn't it just beautiful?!!!  The water was really high, which made for easy access and we enjoyed fishing and relaxing.  I spun on my drop spindle and even started reading a couple of books! :)   The kids enjoyed throwing sticks off the dock for Cubby to retrieve........

...and they were even brave enough to go for a swim!!!  I can tell you that the water was COLD as Caroline and I washed our hair in the lake by bending over the dock.  There is no WAY you would have gotten my entire body in that water...it was FREEZING!!! They loved it though and stayed in for quite a while!! :)

You can see in the bottom picture that Cubby is anxious to join them!! LOL!! :)  We did a bit of geocaching - Caroline and Mary discovered my two caches and I restocked them with new goodies for 2012.  Overall, we had a perfect weekend.....and I think we even managed to catch 6 or 7 fish between downpours!  It was GREAT to be up there again - can't wait until next time! 

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