Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No more lunches....

Yep, that's right....I made my last school lunch for this Grade 4 year! Yahoooo!! :)  ...and to boot, my kid almost forgot it so I had to sprint through the pasture to bring it to him as he ran for the bus!!! Sheesh - KIDS!!!!

So the past couple of weeks have been busy....I've completed this:

and spun up a little bit of this:

and this:

Then I test knit one of these (yeah, just ask him how thrilled he was to model a PINK beret!!!) :

and I test knit one of these:

I joined a few knitters at the local art gallery for our regular stitch and bitch on Friday afternoons and on my way out the door, I spied these (yarn bombing courtesy of my friend Gudie):

I think they're just lovely......great use for all those doilys our Grandmas used to make!! Don't you think it just makes everything a little more cheery????

Anyway - on this last full day of school, I am going to enjoy it - having coffee with a girlfriend this morning and then packing this afternoon for our trip to the cabin.  I am taking Brayden fishing for the long weekend - so hope to have some more pics for you soon.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with my view this morning:

Yes, I AM a lucky girl!! Nice to see the sunshine this morning...hope it sticks around - we could use a little drying out around here!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and here's a little cartoon that just struck me as super funny the other night!!  It must have been late - but I howled when I saw it!! Cracked me right up!! Bye for now!!


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