Sunday, May 2, 2010

So for those of you that aren't in the know - yesterday was {Inter}National Scrapbooking Day - always one of my most favorite days of the year.  I always try to do something scrappy on this day and this year was no exception!! My Gal Pals and I rented a Bed and Breakfast in Winfield and spent the ENTIRE weekend scrapbooking and cardmaking!!! :)  We stayed HERE and let me just say - if you're EVER looking for a beautiful bed and breakfast in the Lake Country area - this is definitely the place!!! Gary and Al are fabulous hosts.  You should have seen the breakfasts.....AMAZING!!!  Definitely recomment the Eagles Nest - you won't be dissappointed!! :)  The weather wasn't the greatest, so we did end up spending most of the weekend indoors, which was perfect for us as we just wanted to scrap anyway.  My GF Marion who owns Voet's Coffee in Vernon was the perfect hostess.  She knows how to treat us gals right and she SPOILS ME ROTTEN!!!!!   She always brings me a huge bag of coffee and this weekend I was LUCKY enough to win the BIG door prize!!!  Can you believe this gift basket??? Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!

Then...I was lucky enough to win another prize by Marion - some beautiful washcloths and this Teddy Bear who is super soft.  He didn't last long once I got home though.  Immediately Brayden spotten him, named him Russ and I came up the stairs to hear him say "Welcome to your new home, Russ"!  Priceless!!! :)  Marion also gave me another huge bag of coffee - I swear I haven't had to buy coffee in two years!!! Isn't she the greatest - she is the most generest person EVER!!! She also provided meals for this weekend  and snacks for us ALL to share.  AMAZING!!!!   Also, I got to try the new french vanilla flavored coffee and can I just say YUMBO SCRUMBO!!! :)  If you're ever in Vernon - pop into Voets and get yourself some.  I spotted some other flavors in my huge basket too - can't wait to try those ones!!! :)   So what's in the little stripe bag you ask??? Well, another goodie bag given to us by the owners of the B&B!!   It is FILLED with goodness - make up, lotions, hair products, perfume - all kinds of fabulous stuff.  It was PACKED with tons of goodies!!!  We were totally spoiled ROTTEN!!!   Anyway, sadly the weekend has come to a close and I'm back to reality!!! Came home to find a new COW in the yard.  Brayden calls him Don - Wayne calls him Norman.  Not sure which name will prevail at this point but the poor little fellow isn't too happy.  He's been crying all day for his Mommy and the other cows across the pasture.  I guess this is normal, even though I did go out and try and talk to him.  He's quite a pet and apparently once he gets used to us, we'll be able to pet him and what not.  As I can't see the pasture from the house, Wayne has asked the neighbours to keep an eye on him as well.  Last night I guess he tried to get through some barbed wire - poor little guy!! :(  Anyway, I'm sure he'll be fine.  Nice to have a built in lawn mower again!! I'm hoping he loves his new home! :)  Well, that's all for today ....have a great week!! :)


  1. OH you lucky girl!!!! I am thinking I will be at your door one day (or maybe 7) for coffee! Enjoy all your goodies!

  2. You had better save some of that yummy French Vanilla coffee for when we drop by !!!! Sounds like a FABULOUS weekend .... even if you are going to be the " cow chaser " again ! guess that tiera is coming off and the rubber boots are going back on ! LOL !

  3. does she ship that coffee? I need some