Monday, January 24, 2011

Rubber Stamp Makeover....

Soooo excited.  So I have finally decided that I am one of those people that need to "see" my craft stuff in order to know what I have and be able to use it.  :)  I have been trying to come up with a system to put all my stamps on display and so when I spied these cute (cheap) was a light bulb moment.  I bought all they had and so I'll have to get more as this is no where near the rubber stamps I have.... but it will do....for now!!!  I have lots of room to carry on up the wall a little highter, so I'm happy with how they turned out.  Oh...and just a little proud of myself as I actually put them together and attached them to the wall myself!!!  They are certainly not perfect, but I think I can firmly say with confidence that I am NOT Canada's worst handyman!! :) 

While I'm at it...I just thought I would also show you the little rack that I found out in the shed one day.  It is not perfect, but it is growing on me and I like how I can keep my copics stored with in reach.  Yes, they are sorted by color....this is another reason why I hate packing them to take to a crop! LOL!! :) 

Oh...and the empty shelf there was housing some sentiment stamps that are now on my shelves....don't worry ..I'll have that filled up before long!! Tee hee!! 

As well, when I"m not crafting and coloring with my copics and distress inks.... I love to knit.  Right now I'm working on these:

I'm really hoping to get them done by the end of the month so I can enter them for a challenge.  Yep, the knitting community is just like the scrapping community....tons of challenges!! :)  My biggest challenge is finding the TIME to fit it all in.  I sure wish someone would invent a way to either make time stop or to add an additional 8 hours in there somewhere.  I NEED time to craft.  It's what keeps me SANE!!! :)  Thanks for stopping by.  Hoping to have some more scrappy stuff for you soon!! :)


  1. Love how your organizing is turning out. I'm moving my craft area to the basement at the moment and it won't be nearly what yours is, but with my budget of $0 I'm really surprised with how its turning out with what I had in the old space a nice Christmas present and some found objects in the crawl space. Its starting to grow on me-Have a great day-Hugs Tania

  2. Very cool shelves Lisa ! Great find in the shed too !!! And are those my socks ? LOL ! Glad that you had a productive day ! ....but I agree , some days are just not long enough for crafting !

  3. Look at you organize!! Love the new shelves Lisa, I am going to have to come and check them all out soon! (once there is no more snow!!!!_