Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shearing Day....

Well, here we are with some of the girls waiting to get their yearly haircut.  Our hosts Craig and Heidi Bacon of Tocino Alpaca held their annual shearing day and invited Wayne and I to join them.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE shearing day.  It's soooo neat to be near these fabulous creatures!! ...and if you haven't guessed it already, ...here's my little secret!!! We BOUGHT two alpacas today!! Whooot!!! Ours are boys, they are almost a year old.  Their names are Brutus and Popcorn.  Sadly, we were soooo busy with our shearing duties and yes...each person on the farm has a DUTY....that I didn't get any pictures of our boys...but trust me, they are looking sooooo doggone cute!!! We are just building some shelter for them right now (pics below) but should have them here by Saturday.  I cannot WAIT!!! In the meantime, I have four lucious bags of fiber just waiting to be skirted and sent off to the mill!!! I'm soooooo excited!!!  Yummy yummy fiber.  Now I'm just waiting for my wheel to get here, which should be ANY DAY!!! Yahhhhooooo!!! Here's a picture of Wayne working with some concrete footings getting ready to put up the pole barn. 

I love this new adventure....soooooo exciting!!