Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet Halina....

Say hello to HALINA!  Isn't she a beauty??!!!

She had to have a polish name as after all.....she is a "Kromski" (Sonata).  Therefore, I chose Halina, which is polish for "calm" and "tranquil".  This describes exactly how I feel everytime I sit down at her feet! :)  She is a beauty and really LOVELY to spin on.  The gals at the store the other night kept telling me how well I was doing for my first attempt.  Personally, I thought my bobbin looked like a HOT MESS but who am I to judge - these ladies know what they're doing!!  Anyway, I realize these things take time and lots of practice.  I don't expect to knock this one out of the park on my first attempt.  For consolation I just visit the "first handspun" thread on Ravelry and those pictures make me feel a lot better!! LOL!!   I have lots of fiber and I figure if I spin for a minimum of 20 mins a day...I should get the hang of it sooner or later.  After all, there's no shortage of sheep (or alpaca)...they're always growing new fiber so no matter how much of it I screw up...there will always be more!!  I'm sure enjoying it so far!! Might even take in a couple lessons in June...and I have a spindle spinning lesson for sure at the end of July in Portland.  Looking forward to that one too! 
So on another note (since I know the Grandparents like an update)....Brayden is turning out to be quite the little superstar on his soccer team.  I heard one kid say to him.... "WOW're the fastest runner on our team" and then a couple of the parents have commented to me how "good" he is!! (*gush).  He scored two goals this morning and made a couple of AWESOME defensive plays.  We won 6 to 2 this morning and in fact, I don't think his team has lost a game yet so far!! Whooot!!!  I sure am proud of my little goober!!! 

This afternoon, our neighbor came over and helped Wayne survey our property line.  The neighbor is retired, but used to be a surveyor by trade, so he had all the equipment, etcetera.  We're trying to fence our property and so this was a necessity to ensure we knew exactly where the property line was...! You know what they say about good fences making good neighbors...!!  Well, good thing we did it as the line was about 10 feet closer than we thought it was.   Now we have a nice clear boundary but things we thought were on our property ...turns out they aren't!! ACK!!!  Good thing Wayne did the survey BEFORE pruning down some select trees!! Sheesh!! Anyway - he's been working hard today replacing fencing on the bottom half of the property.  Hopefully before too long we'll have a spot all set up for some new cows!  I can hardly wait!  :)   Well thanks for stopping by...more updates soon!! :)

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