Saturday, July 9, 2011

Catching up....

Well, today's post might be a little longer.  Lots to share today!!

First off.....have a peak at these lilies!!!! Do you think its the paca poo???!!!

My tomatos are doing pretty good too!! :)  Crazy eh?? My thumb is about as black as they come so I'm pretty impressed with these!! :)  They didn't look like this last year!

So this weekend has been a little bit of a blur so far.....! On Thursday I headed to Vernon and taught my first card class.  I did a series of simple "kraft" cards for the ladies and I think everyone had a pretty good time.  One lady even bought two kits!! :) Whooot!! :)  I have my first copic class on Monday night and that one is sold out with 2 extras!!! Yahooo!!! :)   Here are some cards I made recently using my copics:

It's fun creating again!! These are on display in the store in Vernon and of course I will be adding them to my Etsy store (see the sidebar at the right). 

So this morning, I joined about 100 other geocachers and we met up for the Shuswap Mass Cache Dash event.  I was truly surprised to see such a GREAT turnout for this event.  We were all up and attem and at the park in Canoe by 8:00am.  We downloaded all the caches (over 100 new ones for the day) and then all dispersed and went our separate ways to cache for the day.  Sadly, I had a previous commitment, so I couldn't make it back for the wind up party and CITO (cache in/trash out) event.  Still I did manage to find about 6 caches this afternoon on my own.  I saw a deer and a little black bear.  I was glad that I was back in my van when I ran into him.  Not sure where mama was...but I'm sure she wasn't far behind!! ACK!  The caches I found were pretty easy...if I'd had some proper footwear, I could have found a few more but alas, my flip flops just weren't cutting it.  The highlight of my day was meeting a fellow cacher who has 18,000+ caches under his belt!! 18,000!!!!! That is insane!!! He's is in 2nd place in BC.  He was telling me that he's travelled to the states and has met fellow cachers that have over 50,000!!!! Are you kidding me???? Apparently, these people are retired and caching is their life!! Um, ya think???!  Sheesh.  I've done over 100 and I think THAT's alot!!! I can't imagine doing 1000's!!!!  Crazy!!! Anyway, I asked him what his favorite cache was and he said it was the Iron Horse in the Snoqualmie Pass.  It sure sounded interesting....I'd love to have time to do it one day!! :)   

Anyway, the reason I couldn't continue with the caching is that I had to meet my guild ladies for a fun DYE DAY at one of the gals homes.  We had a hoot.  There was probably about 10 of us - all with fibre and yarn in hand.  We dyed and overdyed and really had a ball comparing techniques and using different methods.  I learned alot as I always do with these gals!! They truly are an amazing bunch.  I dyed a few skeins and some fiber and even got a bag of locks to play with.  I can't wait to dye those!! :)  I don't have any pics yet as everything is hanging outside drying but I'll be sure to share once its dry and I've skeined it all up.   I have a pretty busy week ahead but hopefully I'll find some time to play in the dyepots soon!!!

So on Friday, Brayden wrapped up his week long soccer camp.  Yesterday his little buddy, Carl, came for a sleepover.  They had a ball togther....basically together for 2 days as Brayden stayed over there on Thursday night so I wouldn't have to haul him to Vernon.  It was fun having Carl ...the laughter coming from the basement as they played Mariocart on the Wii was priceless.  So fun to hear little boys laughing hysterically.  Get Wayne in there and it was like three five year olds.  Wayne cut the cheese this afternoon and Carl ran to the basement screaming "RETREAT!!! RETREAT!!!"  I thought I was gonna die laughing!!!  He's a funny little kid! :) 

Anyway - tomorrow I'm looking forward to a quiet day at home.  There is a spin-in at Haney House but I think I'll pass.  I've got my copic class to prep for and I also need to work for a few hours!!!  I also agreed to make some thrumbed mittens for the lady we bought the alpacas off of.  She sells the kits in her store and also the finished product.  I agreed to make a sample pair for know...cuz I got all kinds of time!!! GAH!!!! Anyway - hopefully on Tuesday I can spend some time on those when I attend knit night.  I'm also going for a spa day that day (haircut/color, pedicure, etc.).  Looking forward to that.  Hopefully I'll feel human again!!  :) 

Well, I guess that's about it!! I'll leave you with some yarny goodness!!! The pics are bright as the sun was out and it was hot.  Still, you'll get the idea!!

This is some roving and yarn....and then below are some locks!  None of this was mine sadly...I decided to "finish" mine at home so it was still in bags!!  I just love the colors.  Too bad the picture is so lousy - as it really was truly beautiful!!! :)
Anyway, if you're still reading this - thanks for sticking with me till the end.  I appreciate you stopping by and hope to have another post soon!!! Happy crafting!! :)

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