Friday, July 29, 2011


Good morning from PORTLAND!!! The knitters have taken this city by storm!! :)  Safe trip down from Kelowna and other than one wrong turn in Seattle we did pretty well.  We did manage to hit rush hour but up until then it was smooth sailing.  Arrived around 7pm so not bad overall.   Yesterday, we drove to Lloyd Center (mall) and hopped on the train downtown.  I jumped off at the Convention Center and the girls carried on downtown for some shopping.   I schlepped through registration, which took about 3 minutes (amazing) and then headed off to the tables to knit with a few of the ladies as I had about 2 hours before my first class!!  That was fun. I met people from all over the country.....and they say "I" have an accent!!! Pffffttt!!! Apparently I say "about" funny!!! ...and I guess I do say "eh" alot...I never noticed!!!LOL!!! :) My class was awesome although it was a tad toooo beginnerish for me.  I did learn stuff though and did get a new spindle with a fun bunch of roving.  :)  Then the MARKET opened!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!  I held back from the lineup as there was a freakin' STAMPEDE to get through those doors.  Once I was in was amazing!!  All kinds of yarny goodness in there.  I didn't take any pics as I think they just might frown on that...but it was truly yarn paradise!!!  A few hundred vendors with tons of yarny goodness to share.  I can't say I came out unscathed as I did manage to pick up a wack of fibre...but it could have been MUCH worse.  Ah well, today is another day....I'm sure my CC will have some damage when I'm done.  I have my eye on a beautiful drum carder too....and with the Candian Dollar being what it is.....ACK!!!!  Anyway, after my classes and the market ...I headed over to the ballroom for the opening ceremonies.  What a riot.  I have not laughed that hard in a LONG time (I'm sure the beer helped a little....yes, we have beer at knitting conventions!!).  It was soooo fun.  Then the girls picked me up and we rode the train back to Lloyd Center and headed home where we all had a fashion show of our purchases.  I think mine were a little less interesting to them...but I loved showing it all off even though they looked at me like I had three heads!! LOL!!  Anyway - Day 1 = AWESOME!!! Day two - here we go!!! Today I have two lectures and should be done by 3 or so.  Then I think we'll do a little more shopping and see the sites.  Might take in a movie tonight!! :)  We'll see!!!  Hopefully I'll get a few more pics today! :)  Have a good one!!

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