Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yep, if you've been following along - yes...I missed a day!! Somedays there just isn't time to spin! (*sigh).  Anyway, I started a new bobbin today with the 2nd 2 ounce bump so hopefully once I get this bump spun up...there will be two bobbins with pretty even spinning for plying.  :)  It's going a lot smoother than when I began.  I'm interested to see how this one turns out!!! :) 

Not much else happening here.  Wayne left for Vancouver today.  He'll be there until Friday taking courses with Hydro for his new position on the transmission side.  Brayden has been at Higher Power Soccer Camp all week and he is really enjoying it.  Each day he comes home with a new song and story about what they learned.  I think he is enjoying the "religious" portion of the camp as much as he's enjoying the soccer part of it.  Interesting......!!  Anyway, I am enjoying the 3 hours of peace I have every morning.  :)  Tomorrow I head to Vernon to teach my first card class.  It helps that I know almost ALL of the participants so that should make things go smoother!! :)  I am still a little nervous and hope I haven't forgotten anything!  I'll post the cards tomorrow night or the next day - just simple cards this time...nothing fancy.  I just wanted to get the ball rolling and get my feet wet again.  It's been a long time since I taught anything!!!  :)  Brayden will go and stay at his little buddy Carl's place overnight.  We'll take Carl on Friday night and possibly keep him for the weekend.  :)  Hopefully my dog behaves himself.  There were coyotes in the surrounding area today and although he was "doing his job" ...two hours of constant barking is enough to drive me to drink!!! I finally stuck him in the garage for a bit to shut him up.  All the dogs in the neighborhood were going off, so I think they were all just egging each other on.  Man, that sure gets annoying after a while!!  Anyway, he seems to have settled I'm off to sleep.  Hopefully I'll still have two LIVE alpacas in the morning!! :(

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