Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet and Greet with the BC LIONS!!!

Here's Brayden playing with the felines!!! Sorry the videos so crappy - but you get the idea!! We drove to Kamloops this afternoon and took in the final practice with the Lions...what a hoot! I'm not sure who was more excited ....ME or Brayden!!! Here's my signed goods:

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Brayden got them to sign his "CLAW" and a football and his jersey.  I'd show you a picture....but he's sleeping with it all!! LOL!!! :)  We met our good friends the Griffiths there - so it was a great evening all around!! Here's a few more pics for you....
Brayden with his goods (Daniel behind him). 

Me and the boys....gettin' my hat signed.....Oh YEAH!! :) 

Brayden getting his jersey signed....soooo fun!!

....and a final shot of the team before they head back to Vancouver!!! Exhibition game on Wednesday!!! Here's hoping we have a GREAT season!!! GOOOOO LIONS!!!! Whooooot!!!

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